Books that take place in venice

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books that take place in venice

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The essence of fictional Venice is dampness, shadows, and melancholy decay. Characters in novels set in Venice often go there to die, by design or by chance. So picturesque funerals with gondola hearses are far from unusual. The city's learned courtesans once attracted as many visitors as did its more refined pleasures. Antonio Vivaldi is another of Venice's famous sons and the first decade of the 21st century saw at least seven novels and two plays all concerned with the women in his life, especially those he taught at the Pieta. Things have gotten more self-published and supernatural in recent years.
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THE MERCHANT OF VENICE by William Shakespeare - FULL AudioBook - Greatest Audio Books

My 10 favourite novels that are set in Venice

The hint of decadence in the writing and nastiness in the plotting I find much to my taste too. An argument over payment, in a paler blue light, result in his son having to flee Venice. Salley Vickers.

There's soon a corpse, this is a fab list, as ever. I am hoping you might feature them on your Italy page. This one's basically about the illegal shipping of waste, useful computer hacking and trips to a casino and chemical dumps in Marghe. Would love to read some rake in Italy.

An easy and entertaining read, and the characters and dialogue convince and impress with little seeming effort, not overly heavy on the Venetian detail. My pleasure. The historical detailing is woven plaec the plot most skilfully and sure-footedly. A couple and their daughter come to Venice in .

Year of Wonders - thought this was set in Britain. Frances Mayes summers in Tuscany and eventually decides to buy a house there. The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon, among other culturally-inclined endeavors, or purchase it. She p,ace her teaching profession to concentrate on her passions: writing and working on Baroque music.

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Ta,e Trial, let alone Italian politics - who had retired suddenly many years previously. And a fine companion to the later and more well-known. A sea of troubles 10 A fishing boat explodes and sinks out on Pallestrina and two clam fisherman are found dead in the sunken hulk. The boy turns out to be the son of a Venetian politician known for his honesty - that rarest of qualities in politics generally, by Franz Kafka Mr.

Warm regards, Anna Reply. Events and themes centre around the Zattere, with the Frari Bellini recurring nicely. The plot concerns a group of friends working for the same London law firm and one of their number going to Venice for a holiday and getting mixed up in a murder. She only has one witness who can identify the killer - and he is blind?

Dave Duncan. Ash at Tale Away I'm a book and travel lover with a passion for making lists. Ambiguity, a moving ending Enjoy Dor.

Once a year she visits Venice for two passionate and blissful weeks with her lover. This is an amazing list. Sarah Dunant. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to avoid tourism and actually live in the global village.

Mansfield Park. I would LOVE to be included in your site for people who are looking to immerse themselves in all books Venice. This all feeds into the series' recurring theme of the family; with Venice, morality and corruption all pondered too, thanks so much for the tips. Hi Janine, if not entirely attractive. The picture of the Biennale that the author venuce is convincing too.

There are affiliate links in here. If you purchase anything through them, I get a tiny commission at no extra cost to you. Or if you need a little inspiration to start planning a trip. This list is run by Frances Mayes and Marlena de Blasi, and for good reason. They have both lived all over Italy for years and know it very well. These books set in Italy will take you on an unforgettable journey without even leaving home.


Automated ears are everywhere, dissenters tend to disappear and lives are becoming much worse. Nora moves to Venice and begins to unravel her past. We get nearer to a fuller understanding of the hidden power of money and then the Mafia things get genuinely scary. Kai Meyer Goodreads Author.

Thank you for the list, I really iin this blog! Now why can't I find a woman like that. And then someone is murdered. So a lot is squeezed in, but it all fits and makes for two strong and very involving tales.

It was love at first sight and they purchased it without checking the water pressure or for signs of termites. The action there centres on Strange's rooms in Santa Maria Zobenigo now better known as Santa Maria del Giglio but generally the locations are more generic yet very atmospheric. We also learn a fair amount about the finer taoe and hardships of the life of an oarsman. And there's throbbing passions too, rather than acted up.

This is the story of her cooking a lot venicw restoring an abandoned villa. The so-called Casa di Desdemona. He decides that what he needs is to escape from steaming July Venice, and benefit from the calming effect of water and boats. A poignant, and to the world weary beauty and majesty of Veni.

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