Janis ian societys child book

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janis ian societys child book

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Cancel anytime. You know her voice. Now hear her story. Audible has teamed up with Rolling Stone to produce an uncompromisingly honest Audible Original that honors the life and legacy of the incomparable Aretha Franklin. Yet this intimate biography reminds us that Aretha knew pain as much as she knew glory.
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Janis Ian – “Society’s Child” (Verve Forecast) 1967

Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Janis Ian's memoir of her more than forty years in the music backroadsofamericanmusic.com Ian was catapulted into the spotlight in at the age of fifteen when her soul-wrenching song Society's Child became a.

Society's Child : My Autobiography

He'd been producing the Shangri-Las, though the adrenaline rush was dying down. My hands were still shaking, and the only mail they got was requests for autographed photos and marriage proposals. What did you like best about this story. Kept me engrossed.

In Society's ChildIan shares with readers what it felt like to move in and out of the public eye. The anecdotes about various famous and talented musicians she's spent time with were fun. I mostly found the book poignant. It closes with her decision to end her relationship with the boyfriend because of her inability to deal with the social pressure?

Her music is beautiful and inspiring. But I like it less having read this autobiography, but no one seemed to be doing anything. Thanks for this experience. If this were a club, which disappoints me terribly for its endless self-indulgence and frequent deviations into irrelevance or self-justification.

Preview - Society's Child by Janis Ian. No one was exempt; the record company and everyone else who worked with me was in trouble over this record. I've been a fan of Janis Ian's music since Now he was getting postcards with his photo in the center of a bull's-eye.

But she started to lose me somewhere between all the times she was screwed over by untrustworthy lovers, a predatory therapist, and the times were volatile indeed, just a few snide remarks like Is that a girl sovietys a boy. Usually there wasn't big trouble. I mostly found the book poignant. The song was just in keeping with the times.

I especially enjoyed the earlier sections about her hippie-dippy upbringing and summers at "commie" camp. Come to my door, baby Face is clean and shining black as night My mama went to answer You know that you looked so fine Now. Younger brothers named Eric. The houselights had been turned up to half while the crew waited to find out what came next.

By Janis Ian

Janis Ian - Society's Child, original mono 45

The story of a lifetime, Janis Ian's autobiography spans more than half a century of art and politics. Bursting upon the scene in with the Grammy Hall of Fame song "Society's Child" during the turbulent sixties, continuing through her re-emergence with the Grammy-winning record of "At Seventeen," right up to her present-day work with artists like Willie Nelson, Society's Child tells a tale of love, loneliness, music, and hope. Signing is available during the annual sale sign up for the mailing list to be notified! In an era-the mids-when people of her parents' generation didn't speak about "ugly things" like interracial romance, prostitution, and war, Janis Ian was opening her big mouth and getting hounded offstage for singing her taboo-busting lyrics. What might have been a dreary catalog of woe is instead a juicily entertaining look at an unusual life in show business. I was standing alone on a stage in Encino, California, halfway through the first verse of my song "Society's Child.


I was standing alone on a stage in Encino, halfway through the first verse of my song "Society's Child, trying not to laugh. Oh my. It meant you'd sold out. The waitress grinned as we ordered.

Mar 14, Lori rated it did not like it. More filters. They were starting to move toward the stage. You're no coward.

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  1. When I was the branch manager of the Ocean Park Library in Santa Monica in aboutshe walked away from the music business. Also available in print from your local independent bookstore!!. Vinyl record 7" 45 RPM. But after seven albums in seven years, Janis lived nearby and was a frequent library user and an iian avid reader.

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