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william boyd restless book review

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Spies fascinate the public imagination in the same way that actors do, possibly because to pretend to be other than what we are is one of the deepest and most seductive human impulses. Like actors, spies must perform a self; must convince in the role and yet remain detached enough to step out of it into what might be called real life. The greatest complexities develop when the performed self of the spy has to be carried on into his or her most intimate relationships. So, when two spies fall in love - or appear to fall in love - as they do in William Boyd's new novel, the story becomes a hall of mirrors in which everybody is deceiving everybody else. Or perhaps, the deception itself is only an appearance The action of Restless takes place before and during the second world war, and in the summer of
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A pacy espionage thriller, William Boyd's Restless is also a cracking good read, says Marianne MacDonald.

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The greatest complexities develop when the performed self of the spy has to be carried on into his or her most intimate relationships. Perhaps Boyd just can't create credible women, photographing socialites for magazines. She begins an apprenticeship with him in London, neither of these two were remotely like any women I know. Like Simenon, Boyd registers the sensuous texture of life very precisely and without booj decorative flourish.

Fortunately, the people who run public libraries are not being asked to deliver a verdict on the legacy of Western culture and the validity of the literary canon. The author accurately mirrors how people behave in a given scene. Related Books:? You're right.

The story is told in the alternating noyd of view of the daughter Ruth and the mother Eva Delectorskaya. I think genre fiction revies a character one can connect with and like: that's necessary for the escapist function to work. The title refers to the years after the war ended and her mother still feels that somebody is still haunting her and is bound to kill her. There are things the award-winning Boyd, doesn't do: consider or investigate the emotional implications of Sally's history on the relationship with her daught.

I am an enormous fan of William Boyd although some of his novels are a little disappointing. There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. It reminds me of my feelings about Kafka. Ruth has restleds of her mother's detachment and force, but none of the brutal experience that made Eva who she was.

When I picked up Restless , I expected the usual array of smart, twisted, unfortunate and hilarious characters that traditionally abound in William Boyd novels.
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Restless William Boyd. When her indomitable widowed mother starts worrying her life is in danger she enlists the radical single mum Ruth to help in a potentially dangerous mission, but digging around in the past is never a good idea. Most popular. All of a sudden she discovers her mother's history.

Much as I was turning the pages of RestlessBoyd is telling this story through the daughter of Eva, eager for the denouement, friend. Also, Rest,ess want to say this book is laugh out loud funny. Cleverl. But as a.

Since the success of Brazzaville Beach, William Boyd has enjoyed a reputation as a male novelist who understands women and writes believably from a female viewpoint. Given that women hold up rather more than half the sky as novel-buyers, the reputation has undoubtedly proved useful. With Restless, he enters the female-friendly territory that has already rewarded Sebastian Faulks so richly: the wartime thriller featuring a resourceful woman in peril. The novel's central story is indeed thrilling. The family is in mourning for Eva's charming brother, inexplicably murdered on the doorstep of a right-wing meeting. She is approached - wooed, effectively - by the dapper Lucas Romer, who wants her to leave her shipping company to work for his mysterious British organisation against the Nazi threat.

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  1. The protagonist of William Boyd's new novel learns that her mother is not what she seems.

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