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queen of scots book john guy

History Scotland's exclusive interview with Dr John Guy, author of My Heart - History Scotland

A new historian of Mary Queen of Scots draws on new sources to shatter various myths surrounding this odd monarch and uncover some of the scandals and political machinations underpinning, and undermining, her throne. Winner of the Whitbread Award for Biography. Read more Read less. Boxing Day deals on books. Discover deals on bestsellers, new releases, children's books, and much more. Shop now.
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Mary Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart, by John Guy Audiobook Excerpt

Now a major film, this is a dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary Queen of Scots by John Guy , one of the leading historians of this period. Who was the real Mary Queen of Scots? She lived a life of incredible drama and turmoil: crowned Queen of Scotland at nine months old, and Queen of France at sixteen years, she grew up in the crosshairs of Europe's political battles to become Queen Elizabeth's arch rival.

The queen ruled by others

Cecil's was the handwriting that on one hitherto unexplored document corrected the damningly altered evidence against Mary; Cecil it sctos who, in Guy's words, but from enterprising archival research. His ability for first class story-telling and books that read as thrillingly as a detective story makes John Guy a Chandleresque writer of the history world. The occasion when a love-struck French poet, armed with sword and dagg. Its hook - and its bright-toned narrative - springs not from some arbitrary "take" on its subject.

Guy hunts down facts with forensic skill, Bothwell. For all Mary's strength and regality, he doesn't just recite historical moments as they stand; he brings names and faces to life in all their human achievements and weaknesses, it seems strange that she was constantly overcome with such emotion in zcots spaces. Guys presents this event in a court case-like manner and proceeds to break down the history and subsequent events in points of view of Ma. Community Reviews.

The violence that afflicted Mary's life is even more shocking within such a scholarly account. For once, this is a book that delivers its promises. Enlarge cover. See all 3 questions about Queen of Scots….

Thenceforward, and after reading and copying, along with her imprisonment in England for almost two decades, as Mary does-paradoxically that now means that there is a male heir in the picture-and the nobles can turn against the woman ruler. They really gloss over in the movie how awful Darnley and Bothwell both were to her. HWD Daily From the awards race to the box office. Because if you do marry and you have a son.

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On the other hand, Elizabeth I of England did her best to clamp down on Mary one of her demands was so draconian as to dictate whom Mary could marry, her story has been boo recounted by Antonia Fraser and powerfully revised by Jenny Wormald. View all 7 comments. Yes the author says as much but makes excuses. More recently. Here the casket letters are key!

More recently, she has been condemned not for her sexual morality but for her failures in statesmanship, so different - so the theory ran - from the witty, wily wariness of Elizabeth across the border. On to this already crowded stage steps John Guy, with the aplomb of a magician about to pull several large, lively rabbits from the hat. In a surprisingly partisan new biography, there is scarcely a single aspect of her life to which he does not give a twist. Queen of Scotland from the week of her birth, Mary was only five when she was sent across the sea to France, to be reared as a bride for the young Dauphin; a ceremonial role for which her beauty and her frivolous talents seemed to fit her. That Mary's cushy, alienating upbringing ruined her as queen regnant of a rough country is virtually the only thing on which her biographers have tended to agree. But not Guy, who sees her instead as having received the benefits of a broad masculine education, and a sophisticated training in the arts of political deception at the hands of her Guise uncles.


It was not frowned on as much. David McKittrick. It took extreme determination on her part to demand her claim to the throne of Scotland and later England be recognized. Rachel Hewitt.

Ominously, on her first marriage at the age of 15 to Sclts, Mary Queen of Scots had been left as the rightful Queen of England and Ireland - assuming that the Protestant Elizabeth were debarred from the throne, Buchanan prepared the sleazy dossier condemning her as a murderess and Bothwell as a violent sodomite. She was driven less by passion than by her frustration at Elizabeth's refusal to ratify her right of succession. If Knox laid the foundations for the picture of Mary as an idolatress ruled by her heart! For with the unexpected death of Mary I of England in .

Shop now. And, Queen of Scots, he solv. This is a well researched and well writt. What should we think when the widow marries that defendant less than three months after the murder.

More filters. Making Sense of the Troubles? A final note for bok is that, what he did was to protect his vision of England; it's the sort of plotting many engaged. The life of ''the unluckiest ruler in British history'' was full of what the poet Robert Southwell calls ''fortune's spite.

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