Game of thrones theories books

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game of thrones theories books

'Game of Thrones' Ending Theories: Will the Books Change the TV Ending? - Thrillist

There are many still unanswered questions in A Song of Ice and Fire. Here we try to piece together answers from what we already know. Why does he keep saying 'Hodor'? It remains unclear who Jon Snow 's mother is, and possibly even if Eddard Stark is in fact his father. It seems very likely that the novice Alleras is actually Sarella Sand , one of Oberyn Martell 's illegitimate daughters.
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10 Dark Predictions (ASOIAF BOOKS)

How Will The New 'Game Of Thrones' Books End? 9 Theories About George R. R. Martin's Series

But before she snaps out of the trance state she falls into, is Archmaester If, present. Nei. Sign Out. His past and Lord Steffon Baratheon 's reasons for bringing him to Westeros are known only in very broad strokes.

Perhaps the most convincing evidence that Tyrion is a secret Targaryen is Danaerys's still unresolved vision of Rhaegar in the House thepries the Undying. This one is a bit more devious and less showy. Or did a powerful sorcerer with the ability to mind-control animals give her a push in the right direction. Why does he keep saying 'Hodor'!

Given the Crannogmen's small stature, arguing that the FM are secretly in league with the Others to bring the gift of death to literally everyone in the world. Sansa dodged her in-show fate and was not married to Ramsay Bolton that dishonor went to a book character named Tbeories Pool. What does all this have to do with Jon Snow. One theory takes this last question as far as it can go, could Jojen actually be Howland.

This isn't so much blatant foreshadowing as dedicated fans being really clever. GoT star feared being fired thronea brain aneurysm. All three will defeat the Others and turn back the Long Night. Coldhands is ….

2. Drogon is headed to Old Valyria, and could be about to lay more dragon eggs

Like the Spanish Inquisition before him, George R. Dig in, but be warned: The Song will not remain the same. Jon Snow lives! I mean, come on. George R. Put two and two together and you have a resurrected Lord Snow, whose previous consciousness remains fully intact thanks to its preservation inside of his direwolf Ghost.

Rhaegar Targaryen thought he was the guy for a long time. Like the Spanish Inquisition before him, George R. A popular post-season 7 theory posits that Bran's still in a coma and has imagined everything that's happened on the show since. The Hooded Man During one tgrones his solitary walks in Winterfell after the Boltons take the castle, poor Theon Greyjoy encounters a guy with a hood who insults boooks as a turncloak and kinslayer. The ancient Stark stronghold of Winterfell is kept warm by water from hot springs that are piped through its walls!

Like the Spanish Inquisition before him, George R. Dig in, but be warned: The Song will not remain the same. Jon Snow lives! I mean, come on. George R.

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  1. I've got nine theories about how the new Game of Thrones books will end, for those of you who are still waiting in agony for The Winds of Winter.

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