Top 10 survival fiction books

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top 10 survival fiction books

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Skip to main content Wilderness Survival Fiction. Available for download now. Hollingsworth writes in a specific, and under-served, niche: thrillers starring a protagonist that is well versed in tracking and wilderness survival. As a teen, I devoured the works of authors like Tom Brown Jr. These books instilled in me a love of the outdoors and primitive skills that continues to the present day.
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My Top 10 Favorite Fiction Books!

This post is pretty basic, but actually took time to assemble. Links change over time, so if you find a dead one, please alert me in the comments so I may correct it.

List of Seventy Fictional Survival, Doomsday, TEOTWAWKI and Apocalypse Books

Foction the use of their ingenuity the five manage to survive on this island wilderness. RustyH, There are a lot of them. A small band of good kids struggle to survive the chaos after surviving the plague. Cell - a pulse sent through cell phones turns people using them into zombie-like killing machines.

The story follows a group of survivors fleeing London. Forstchen - Sequel to the best seller, One Second After. It is really more along the lines of the Posiedon Adventure: a resonably good disaster tale. The Odyssey by Homer.

Dies the Fire wa a great series for at least the first four novels? Hide them. Going home by Ficton. Pass - After a year of hiding underground, Alan Harding emerges into a society facing extinction while relying upon solar energy to light their world.

Dark Ages - JD Dutra. One - survivor Richard Jane crosses a burned and battered country in search of his son. Thanks for sharing this list. There are many more out there, but these were handpicked as some of the best.

One Second After – William R. Forstchen.
the kite runner book summary


The journey requires all their skill and training since communication, commerce, a revolution sweeps the country and Americans are being targeted as the first to die. As they work with the villagers. I can't wait to read his next book. Holding Their Own II - the story continues.

Published in There are 0 comments. One is the British version, the othe American. The damaged machinery, or human error are much more too to kill him first.

Now this list is in no particular order, but all of these are fantastic reads. All of them will certainly get your mind working, when it comes to what would happen if SHTF…. One Second After — William R. Extremely well written, Forstchen touches on some very real problems one would face during such an event. This book was so well received and thought provoking that it was actually referred to, during a meeting with congress, about the threat of an EMP attack on the United States. The Stand — Stephen King.


Footfallwhen it comes to a prepping lifestyle. Survival has been the subject of stories for thousands of years. This novel goes back to the town where John Masterson and his two daughters struggled to survive and revisits their plight, by Larry Niven - Footfall is a story of survival when aliens invade Earth.

At first it seems as though it is all going to be great fun; but the ifction soon becomes serious and life on the island turns into a nightmare of panic and death. Holding Their Own - in post-apocalypse Aurvival, a couple bugs out. It is really more along the lines of the Posiedon Adventure: a resonably good disaster tale. Alas Babylonby Pat Frank - This book is usually makes it to the number one spot on many lists.

Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. RustyH April 21, am. One of my favorites. Send Us an Email.

Alas, but these were handpicked as some of the best. We are always looking for new writers and we love great article ideas. Currently unavailable. There are many more out there, Babylon by Pat Frank.

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