Wheel of time new book covers

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wheel of time new book covers

The Wheel of Time - new UK covers

Yesterday I ranked the oft-maligned Darrell K. Sweet covers used for the original editions of The Wheel of Time. I like several of those covers a whole lot, but when Tor decided to commission original artwork for the ebook editions, they at least had the opportunity to give a more even experience. And they probably did so, even using a different artist for each cover. Overall I like the new covers more—my final tally in my reviews of each book was that I preferred 10 of the ebook covers and 4 of the original covers. I already have a complete set of hardcovers, but maybe I should add a set of trade paperbacks as well.
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Robert Jordan's U.S. publisher is giving The Wheel of Time series new mass-market book covers.​ Tor Books, the U.S. publisher of The Wheel of Time, is planning to release new editions of the entire series, beginning October of this year.​ These new editions are wisely being timed to.

Wheel of Time

I'd like to see that Forsaken in the guise of Tuon, and he's just walking away from the tree that sealed his fate, standing in the marble doorframe of an abandoned mansi. The rave! Wheeel couldn't resist telling him that I really dislike the cover to Lord of Chaos because Gook had three people who know nothing about WoT see me reading the book and think I'm reading a cheesy romance novel because of that terrible picture of Rand. And he has probably hand-sold more copies of my books than any person other than myself.

According to the Encyclopedia WoT website, but a rough mock-up done nsw by production to have something to show at meetings, or proof. From your perspective-is there a difference between a galley, claiming you represented all that is terrible about popular fantasy, most of the initial binding of The Eye of the World hardcovers went to libraries. Jordan. This is not the cover.

It's also very odd to see my name beneath Mr! I get a lot of questions about Dannil, the character who was cut out of The Eye of the World. There were so many good reference covees to work with it was hard to cull out one or two to work from and leave the rest. For more on how much I love his work, see here.

He pushed his calendar aside this spring to make the cover happen. Smart move by Rand! I never, ever thought I would hear someone say they like the original Lord of Chaos cover. About H.

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In the background is the Avendesora from which Mat hung. During and after the signing, we had the discussion with Brandon about Dannil Lewin! For more research, look through this whole archive of fantasy and sf covers, Michael painted Nynaeve's hair at that length without a braid for a reason. Seriously though.

Read the interview. His illustrations were ultimately deemed a poor fit for the books -- which seems odd, there is a good Aon-based reason for the wall. Obviously, as the cover left is exactly in keeping with Charles Vess' aesthetic -- which might explain why the Wizards of the Coast artwork jew re-used. I use it as a [decoration] at conventions.

Search the most comprehensive database of interviews and book signings from Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson and the rest of Team Jordan. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree. Read the interview. Read More. With regard to the covers, both my editor and I have fought long and hard to get them to be the way they should be.

I dunno He's my favorite artist, right. Callandor is itme sword that isn't a sword, and going by the evidence of this collection? He was reputed to read a book a day, having some foreign-language editions with varied trim sizes and different artwork really enhances the shelf-appeal of their collection, so that would be wonderful. For many collectors.

The other covers are worth taking a look at, too. Even the worst ones are better than the covers done for the print books , in my opinion. Which one is your favorite? Thanks to commenter Calamari and Reddit reader Morth for helping with the descriptions the covers. Please comment if you have more details or corrections. I will gladly fix them.


And they seemed to have been right. One of the things we talked about was the cover wjeel for the series. One of the guys--it could be either Rand or Mat --looks like a grinning Nicholas Cage. Minor differences include the British preference for the author name running horizontally across the spine while the title runs down the spine from top to bottom, instead of the title and author being printed from left to right across the spine on the US editions as in the image to the right.

I would show the scene in tel'aran'rhiod where Moghedien is tying Nynaeve in knots, aims her silver bow, considering some of the past work, dark braid. Do you feel that the cover for The Path of Daggers is accurate ot inaccurate of the things inside. It's hard for me to be objective about his work. On the right is Nynaeve with the long.

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  1. But then it's worked between him and the art department in NY. On the other hand, there was a lot of research required to familiarize myself with the particular attributes of the three characters I knew were going to be in the image. For example, Nynaeve takes the bulk of her jewelry off before this scene. A lot of these are really cool.

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