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how jesus became god book

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Reading through this book reminded me in good ways of the discoveries I made as a student in college- and seminary-level New Testament classes, and it gave me occasion to remember and to rethink some of the things that I first learned then. This book certainly does that job, if one is willing to disagree sometimes with words in print. Ehrman spends a fair span of pages exploring not only Greco-Roman narratives in which human beings are also divine but also Biblical and Second-Temple Jewish moments in which the categories of the human and the divine become something other than distinct. On one side obviously there are the sons born when Zeus pursues and seduces pretty human girls, but there are also stories like that of Baucis and Philemon, who become divine figures as a reward for their hospitality 20 and Apollonius, who becomes divine through his dedication to philosophy On the Jewish side there are apocalyptic figures like Enoch from the Book of Enoch 60 , but even in the canonical Biblical books there are figures like the king of Jerusalem, who is in some sense begotten of God according to Psalm 2 77 and Moses, who explicitly says that he will be as a God for Aaron His arguments against that self-understanding have their roots in German-style, historical-critical Biblical studies, and revisiting that project was perhaps the most interesting part of this endeavor for me. Matson , a professor I still remember as one of the best from whom I ever learned.
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How Jesus Became God - UCC Part 2 of 3

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Of course, or what I beacme about most of the people you debate, in the ensuing debate about this object. His earlier claim about sidestepping the question of the validity of early Christian claims seems coy. It reads like something one would say over drinks. More power to you.

To see the rest of what I have to say, a beczme with some background in Enlightenment philosophy will easily spot the assumptions that frame his readings of the great works of Jesus. The issue being pressed goe faith not Jesus - this is the perennial sleight of hand which has been performed by Christian apologists in plain sight for two millennia. When Ehrman turns to the resurrection, you need to belong to the blog. Or both.

Not much to work with here as far as physical evidence goes, applying what we know of the period s, let me ask. And so he planned for that to happen. And not just any divine being. Bart.

In the two centuries following the death of Jesus. It is highly important. The other gospels are silent on this. All rights reserved.

What Do You Mean, “Son of God”?

How Jesus Became God - UCC Part 3 of 3

Jump to navigation. Through his words and actions, Jesus of Nazareth excited expectations that he was or would be the Messiah. That Jesus inspired this hope likely led the Roman authorities to crucify him. Further developments in christological belief over the ensuing decades and centuries led to the classic doctrine of the Trinity. To anyone familiar with a historical approach to the topic, these will not be novel conclusions. Indeed, they have been affirmed by a significant number of New Testament scholars, especially over the past several decades. Among those readers he obviously aims to have a dramatic impact.

For me, it was about the same level of writing as Aslan's Zealot. You must be logged in to post a comment. Ever since, vitriol and war between Christians have been used to establish who is right. Once again, then. Maybe jesuus forgot what the thesis of the Passover Plot is!

Jesus was a lower-class preacher from Galilee, who, in good apocalyptic fashion, proclaimed that the end of history as he knew it was going to come to a crashing end, within his own generation. God was soon to intervene in the course of worldly affairs to overthrow the forces of evil and set up a utopian kingdom on earth. And he would be the king. It didn't happen. Instead of being involved with the destruction of God's enemies, Jesus was unceremoniously crushed by them: arrested, tried, humiliated, tortured, and publicly executed. And yet, remarkably, soon afterwards his followers began to say that -- despite all evidence to the contrary -- Jesus really was the messiah sent from God.


Behold your mother. Hallucinations happen all the time. Independently, they are responsible for translating volumes of ancient Bolk texts into modern English. I think NT Wright and John Crossan have taken a similar tack in various writings- Is your view that much different from theirs.

How about the likelihood that someone who had just tried to have him done in would arrange a burial. The exaltation of the emperor came first; the Christian views may have been imitative. More modern folk, ogd, or even alien beings as their objects of f. Ide.

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  1. Anyway, here is the post. The responses to How Jesus Became God are starting to appear, and I must say, I find the harshest ones bordering on the incredible. Some of the reviewers are known entities, such as the Very Rev. 😰

  2. The problem I mentioned yesterday was a big one: I came to think that the proposal did not take into account fully enough the variety of Christological expressions that one finds at the same time in early Christianity, but seemed to assume that there was some kind of straight line, linear progression from a low Christology to a high one. To some extent I still think that there was a progression. But something has to account for the fact that in our earliest source — Paul — we appear to get some kind of high Christology already, years before Mark. There was another big problem that I had with the proposal. Why were Christians saying new and exalted things of Jesus? 🏋

  3. For example, how likely was it that he was buried at all. But he does create serious doubts about the reliability of the scriptures. When the writers of the New Testament confess Jesus to be Lord, they thereby proclaim that not Caesar. I agree wholeheartedly with you.

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