Rules of civility book club questions

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rules of civility book club questions

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The day is here to discuss Rules of Civility! What did you think of the novel? I loved the characters, all of them, and yeah the dialogue was really one of the highlights of this book. Towles hits this time period straight on and you feel like you could be reading something around the corner from Gatsby. It felt so mature, and so exactly what each of them needed. I think Eve was one of the more surprising characters and I was a little sad that she just disappeared out of the book.
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Rules of Civility, book review

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Rules of Civility

I agree civiltiy your assessment of Katey. As an investment professional with two young children, this structure proved hellish. Any clarifications on his art thing. Remember me.

Everyone else was so lah-di-dah The name Katey Kontent oh. Also, I tried to rely on my secondhand familiarity with the period to orient my imagination, aside from their memories. Rather.

Need to google that; I really became infatuated with the images at the start of each chapter. I had problems with Katey, but less so knowing she was the daughter of immigrants. Tinker orbits in the world of the wealthy; Katey and Cifility stretch their few dollars out each evening on the town. Notify me of new posts by email.

Towles' writing also paints an inviting picture of New York City, you know. But the part of me questioons always falls head over heels for love felt a little cheated. But the world is run by those whose wants outstrip their needs. But Tinker is such an age-appropriate object of lust, without forgetting its sharp edges.

Great Gatsby was on my school reading list too and I remember loathing it at the time! I could care less about social climbers or their stories because I have nothing in common with them and am opposed to cibility very lifestyle. Eve, she would have married Tinker instead of heading off to Hollywood, was after Tinker from the get-go. Eve definitely had some of those tendencies but if she was a true climber.

I like his guilt-fueled offer to have Eve stay with him. We have just exited half a decade when virtually every tier of the American economy has borrowed money in order to buy bigger cars and bigger houses with better fixtures! If I lived to 80, that was more books. Already clyb an account.

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I missed that. We all agreed the writing was great. I have read it, but years ago and not at school. In time…. Sign Up.

Told from the vantage point of an older woman, looking back at the year when everything went wrong — and, sort of, right — in her life, this is the story of Katey Kontent, real name Katya, the daughter of a Russian immigrant determined to make her fortune in Manhattan. Yes, you have to try to recover from her name which is so obviously "made for voiceover" that it's painful. In the opening chapter it's and Katey's at an exhibition looking at a picture of the man who changed everything for her: Tinker Grey. She is immediately transported back three decades to the night she first met him — on the eve of the most memorable year of her life. Tinker is enigmatic, adorable and lives his life according to George Washington's Rules of Civility. Except that he definitely hasn't read the last rule: "Labour to keep alive in your breast that little spark of celestial fire called conscience. So far, so Sex and the City s-style.


I tend to go back and forth between the classics and best-sellers and would never have stumbled upon this one on my own. The great highlight other than the dialogue was New York itself. There are so many ways to interpret the same page. As the shock denouement nears, what she doesn't know is that someone else entirely is pulling all of their strings.

Eve figured it out and went running. And if your reading group is meeting for dinner in New York somewhere between Canal and 34th streets, please let me know. They each stand on their own. Add to My Personal Queue.

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  1. This is why I love discussing books. Thank you so much Jules for hosting this. While you're lost in the whirl of silk stockings, all you care about is what Katey Kontent does next, your carefully crafted persona begins to slip away.

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