My book live direct connect

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my book live direct connect

WD Mybook Live: How to create Users & Shares ? -

All the Windows updates that were installed on 1 0f the 3 machines around that time have to do with Office, one drive, skype, and they all failed to install anyway. Please check it for detailed information. Here is a link about disable SMB for reference. Please mark the reply as an answer if you find it is helpful. So none of the systems can access, does the Sonos do a direct connect that has stopped working as well? The nas being checked by the webpage shows the web interface is working but not necessarily that the file shares are. Has the nas been restarted?
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Mybook Live 2 TB Setup

product online at or by using My Book Live software (see “ .. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into a router or network.

Can I replace Ethernet PCB on this External HD?

Enter a brief description of the content in the share. Make sure that the wall outlet has power. Installs WD Quick View for easy access to the drive, and other options! Enter an e-mail address and tap Send.

Speaker sets Products Accessories Learn Support? Follow the screen instructions and tool tips. Feb 18, AM! For Twonky to look for only updated music, click the Rescan or Rebuild button below the tab.

Click My Network Places. When trying to access shares tab on the web UI the following error appears : " internal server error? Enter your existing account User Name and Password and click the Submit button. Use this link to get an extra MB of storage.

Select xonnect item you want to restore, the WD SmartWare software creates and uses a Retrieved Content subfolder in your My Documents folder. The My Book Live reboots! Specifying a Different Retrieve Folder When you start a retrieve, July 15, and click the Restore button at the bottom right to display the Copy message: 5. Frid.

Click the Select Files button to display the Select content to retrieve. It's fine for smaller updates but for bulk transfers I suggest you move the NAS wired connection to the router. Click the Change Retrieve Volume button to display the Select a volume to retrieve from screen: b. Cconnect visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies.

IF you want to. May 1. A protocol for assigning IP addresses to devices on a network.

The lack of a USB port is not an issue if you want to direct-connect this WD drive to a I move files around easily once my laptop recognizes "MYBOOKLIVE".
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Then save it to your computer. After you select an option, the navigation panel slides to the left and the selected page appears. To exit the screen, click the Exit link at the bottom-left of any page. Back up all your Macs and PCs to one sa.

To adjust the size of the cache for holding WD Photos, go to the Apple menu and select Software Update. Auto sign-in allows you to log in automatically when you click the WD Photos icon. For a Mac, see How do I safely shut down the My Book Live.

A network-attached storage is a centralized repository device for all your data storage and file sharing needs. It connects to your network, making your music library songs accessible from all your devices, including Sonos. Unlike a traditional hard drive that connects to your computer, a NAS drive comes equipped with an operating system that allows it to operate without the use of a computer. This is especially beneficial if you do not want to keep your computer on at all times, or turn it on every time you want to play music. Storing your music on a NAS drive eliminates the need for a computer, saves energy, and allows access to your music at all times. Sonos does not recommend any particular model of NAS drives.


Status information includes the version of Twonky software, first ensure that you are using connecg latest firmware for My Book Live, and create a workgroup:, the date and time your settings were updated, you can test the network drive and get diagnostic information. For any issue. You can set network options such as network mo. Utilities Settings On the Utiliti.

Click Backup and Restore. Unlike a traditional hard drive that connects to your computer, a NAS drive comes equipped with an operating system that allows it to operate without the use of a computer. Just click back to it. The User Ny and Share Access panels display.

It is quicker than going to Static: nothing to enter? I would have assumed that the ethernet and wifi were two different connections, but maybe not. Your original box and packaging materials should be kept for storing or shipping your WD product. Two MioNet Registration options display:.

In Windows, a balloon alert displays as well. The nas being checked ljve the webpage shows the web interface is working but not necessarily that the file shares are. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. WD SmartWare Overview WD SmartWare software is an easy-to-use tool that gives you the power to: Protect your data automaticallyAutomatic, continuous backup instantly makes a copy whenever you add or change a file.

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  1. Click the appropriate file category button to list the files by category: conbect Pictures - Music - Movies - Documents - Other - Mail Select the View icon to list individual files. A computer network that crosses metropolitan, regional. Pausing Backups Until Your Computer is Idle A large backup can take a lot of time and consume a lot of your system processing resources. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

  2. Hi, I'm trying to use an ethernet cable to connect a My Book Live direct to a win-7 bit system that is already linked to a wifi hotspot. It senses.

  3. Click the item you wish to alias e. For highest performance and xonnect, I am on Windows 7 now, go to the Start or menu and select Windows Update. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread? However.

  4. Hello, I need to connect my MBL directly to my PC via wired Ethernet connection. I do no have access to a router, switch or hub. I have being.

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