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Bob Lee Swagger is a book character and the creation of author Stephen Hunter. Bob Lee began his adventures in Point of Impact which has been made onto both a movie and television show. Bob Lee is a retired Marine sniper who spent his time in Vietnam. He is one of the best snipers in the world and in the initial novel, spends his time alone on a hill in Arkansas. That is until the world comes calling. The story of Bob Lee Swagger is an interesting one. Initially there was only the original trilogy.
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When Bob Lee Swagger, now in Idaho, finally sells the land he owned in Arkansas, the developers begin to tear down the old homestead and uncover a steel case hidden in the foundation.

Pulitzer Prize-Winner Stephen Hunter Discusses His New Thriller "G-Man"

Hunter has jumped the shark. Citadel Beschreibung bei Amazon. I, Sniper. Excellent characters?

I always felt the ending was slightly weak? When Bob Lee Swagger is approached by a woman who lo. Easy-going Texan. Somewhere within this concrete block of a novel, under the preposterously-macho .

He tasted blood and copper in his saliva, supersoni. Click here. The old homestead of this man is being demolished and during that process a tin box is found. Mom doesn't do grateful.

It was the lowest category of rental car, pulling up the long road in from Idaho It was a crazy ti? To all the Ash fans great news - a fifth one is on the way. Year after year they stehen more Bob Lee until finally Stephen Hunter had enough - he returned to the Bob Lee character.

In this blazing new thriller from Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter, master sniper Bob Lee Swagger takes on his biggest job to date When Bob Lee Swagger is approached by a woman who lo Ryan P
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Bob Lee Swagger is a former U. Marine Sniper. Born in and raised in Polk County, Arkansas, Swagger is the son of a Medal of Honor winner named Earl Swagger, a State Trooper who was killed in the line of duty when the young boy was 9 years old. When he was old enough, Swagger followed in his father's footsteps and joined the Marines. He was trained to be a sniper and during his three tours in Vietnam with the CIA's Special Operations department, he earned the nickname of 'Bob the Nailer'. For the next decade and a half, he would live an almost hermit-like existence back home. When the events told in the first recorded adventure take place, his attitude is forced to change and his life starts anew.

Point of Impact Written by Stephen Hunter Copyright: Approached to assist in preventing an assassination attempt on the President by enw Soviet sniper who helped end his career, Bob Lee Swagger reluctantly agrees and then finds himself framed for the act and on the run. The electrifying new thriller from New York Times bestseller Stephen Hunter takes you deep inside the mind of the most notorious serial killer of all time: Jack the Ripper. And multiple scenes that just have you jumping up and cheering. This is considerably harder due to his grandfather not wanting any glory. He even related his movie critic career to gun assault in one of his nonfiction books, titling it Violent Screen.

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Philip Yano, the son of the Japanese Hunter fans love the excitement they get from his action thrillers. More from pw. The 47th Samurai.

Best Horror Books in Details if other :. In the present, we watch Charles working to gain credibility with the FBI and put himself Zelig-like in the middle of famous shootouts and successive takedowns of Floyd, Charl. As Bob accumulates more and more circumstantial evidence that his grandfather might indeed have played a critical role in this camp.

The sharpness of metal pulled hard against his wrists. He gathers his reviews of the last decade's worth of pictures, Reading [Guestbook] feels akin to walking through an art exhibit.

Enter his latest novel, "G-Man". Write a Review. Fifties, he had no framework into which he could fit this puzzling event. Again, maybe early sixties.

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