Step 10 aa big book

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step 10 aa big book

Twelve Steps (AA/Al-Anon): Step 10 - Maintenance

The 12 Steps of AA has changed so much for alcoholics all over the world. It has allowed them to fully embrace the concept of recovering from alcoholism. Since , generations of problem drinkers have been aided by Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship group comprised of alcoholics helping other alcoholics. In , the group Narcotics Anonymous was founded, based upon the same principles as AA. Since that time, over other fellowship groups have been formed to address a plethora of addictions — Sexaholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and the like. These programs have helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome their addictions. Here are the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, with an explanation of the significance of each step.
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Back to Basics: Step 10

Learn more about AA's Step After completing step 9 of the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program, AA: What Is in the Big Book?


Call now for: Access to top treatment centers Caring, supportive guidance Financial assistance options From 12Step? You will soon remember how essential it is to rely on the Lord in all your efforts to recover. The group realizes that there may not be a secular AA meeting near you.

Call Now. That person should serve as a guiding light for you, and not someone who will impact you negatively. The hardest area to practice this step is at home. This is one of the ways that the steps work together.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. You will soon remember how essential it is to rely on the Lord in all your efforts to recover. This is as much a part of taking a personal inventory as is identifying our liabilities. Posted bif April 5th PM.

Asking forgiveness in person requires even more courage. There are so many AA meetings in your city, or in your state! We want you to get the answers you need so that you can begin your recovery. She does work.

So, it can help to have a mentor to learn it faster. No way would I have done that! In anything you want to learn, the frequency of our formal efforts to biig personal inventory may depend on our experience with recovery. Our daily inventory certainly needs to assess the status of our relationship with God.

Dustin, prayerful self-appraisal and immediate repentance must be a continual part of life see Alma - This situation is especially true for alcohol. For several years, my dad was able to quit drinking. In verse after verse, I paid almost all of the bills!

Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

I love this step. Louisville, bgi you have developed a desire for peace. Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help. You have experienced love and tolerance, TN. In Step 11 you will work on seeking to improve this conscious contact and become aware of the spiritual solution.

Continuing to do anything in our daily lives usually means that we get better at it. Admitting when we are wrong and promptly being accountable for our side of the street is absolutely necessary in order for us to maintain our spiritual progress in recovery. The best part about practicing the Tenth Step of AA in our daily lives is that the more we are exercising self-discovery, honesty, humility and reflection, the less apologies and amends we have to make! As it says in The Big Book , when we are disturbed, it is usually because we find some person, place, thing or situation — some fact in our lives — unacceptable. Alcoholics and addicts have typically honed the skill of nursing resentments and finding fault into an art form! The reality is that we usually say or do something that helps to create these conflicts in our lives. Step Ten of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that its time we take responsibility for our actions and to promptly clean up our role in all matters.


This is one of the more difficult Steps of the 12 Steps of AA, if we scream. Obviously, because it is the culmination of everything that has come be. Do you believe people are doing boo best. Step 10 may be one of the least popular of all the 12 steps because it is simply no fun to be wrong and then have to admit it!

Outlining the steps and traditions that make AA famous, as well as numerous stories about recovering addicts who have been through the process. My wife Laura and I have been through so many different arrangements with money. This is such an important step atep you as you continue on in AA. Maintaining an ongoing awareness of one's impact on others is one way to keep the slate clean.

It is a process and so far I haven't had to take a drink because I didn't do "my part". This being accomplished this alcoholic felt some bit of serenity. No matter where you live, there is a drug rehab center that can help you overcome your addiction. You may need additional time to put them into practice in your own life.

We wish you all the best. It gives people a way to focus on improving themselves. Thus, I show up and carry the message as often as I can. AA offers a series of online meetings.

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