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something to think about book

i would like to ask you something:when you — The Song of Q&A

Fans have wondered for years how Thomas Harris, shown cradling a rescued possum named Bruce, comes up with his characters. By Alexandra Alter. Harris, 78, repeats this idea, or a variation of it, nearly every time I ask him about the origins of a plot point or a character, and it occurs to me that his answer is scarier than anything I could have anticipated. For nearly 45 years, Harris has terrified audiences with his grisly novels, which have sold more than 50 million copies, and introduced one of the most memorable fictional villains of all time — up there with Darth Vader and Dracula. But relatively little is known about Harris or his creative process. Over the decades, his silence has only fueled public fascination with the elusive man behind the monster.
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"Something to Think About" (1920)

Something to Think About: a blog on end of life

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The novel is a book-within-a-book that finds Bunny retracing, in third person, the steps that led to her breakdown. She does not want to die. To not want to be alive is not the same thing as wanting to be dead. The language in Rabbits has such immediacy and urgency, which made me wonder if a lot of writing happened in the editing process. Binnie Kirshenbaum : I write a first draft, a second draft, and then, somewhere around the fourth draft, I start line editing. I describe it as peeling an onion.


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