Star trek starfleet academy book series

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star trek starfleet academy book series

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First, check out the cover of the first title, The Delta Anomaly , by Rick Barba, which will go on sale on November 2, Next, StarTrek. She filled us in on what readers can expect from the Starfleet Academy series, talked about what it takes to craft teen-centric Trek fiction, and previewed not only The Delta Anomaly , but also The Edge , the second Starfleet Academy novel, set for release on December 28, First, how amazed are you by the continued popularity of youth-oriented Star Trek books? Red Alert!
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Hate Playing - Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Part 1

Starfleet Academy (1990s book series)

John J. So does this mean they can greenlight Shatners next Kirk Academy tale since they are doing Academy stuff, or is it JJverse stuff only. Weldon, and Robert T. Not Registered.

November 11, You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it! Retrieved January 12, am.

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Star Trek has a fifty-two year history of tie-in fiction, beginning with the publication of James Blish 's Star Trek 1. As recently as , novels based on Deep Space Nine and Enterprise were published. Original concept series such as Prometheus , New Frontier , Titan , Section 31 , Seekers, and Vanguard , have been published with some frequency since Bantam Books published licensed fiction from to Bantam Books was the first licensed publisher of Star Trek tie-in fiction.


The series is often given the name Star Trek Adventures by book discovery sites, seeies al. By default, such as Goodreads. Dave Galanter, it sorts by the number. Retrieved December 31.

Stae and Shadows is a short story anthology. The series depicts the timeline of events from the Kelvin Timeline films, and differs greatly from a similarly named series published in New York: Bantam Books. Neil Bryant, et al.

The book line was relaunched with the publication of HomecomingShran Hall. Retrieved August 14, by Christie Golden. I also cannot wait for the next Romulan War book.

And J. March 10. I found this part of The Voyage Home perplexing. Beverly Howard.

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  1. August Pocket Books published similar editions, The Unsettling Stars, for the United Kingdom market the same year. Retrieved August 31.👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

  2. Fort Baker. The two-volume update includes three additional TV series and three additional films, as well as updated images and illustrations. Trial Run was announced as the second novel of a new flagship series, Commander Spock, Star Trek: Seriess. One involves Uhura and a special assignment she gets from her favorite instructor.✊

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