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Let them eat cake! Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. Evidence shows that poor people tend to be somewhat more impulsive, anxious, irritable, and aggressive than rich people. I wrote a paper suggesting a hypothesis for why this might be the case. That is, at the time of completing the survey, or over the period of being observed, perhaps people with lower incomes are more likely to be hungry, or are hungry a greater proportion of the time, than richer people in the same sample. That could explain the observed correlations. In other words, hungry people show the very same suite of characteristics that is attributed to poor people in studies of socioeconomic differences.
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Let Them Eat Cake

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Let Them Eat Cake! Books about Marie Antoinette

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The opinions expressed are my own. Thank you to Randy for giving sat the skills to make this book happen. This article is about the phrase. When a lighthearted conversation in French with the manager of her favorite bakery turns into a job offer, Lexi accepts.

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What I appreciated the most was one of the lessons we learn through this book. Thm the second sons of the second estate, we must live and believe in ourselves, included fo. But we cannot let our fears stop us. Desserts traditionally end a meal so as to leave the palate feeling sweetly refreshed.

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  1. Thank you to Randy for giving me the skills to make this book happen. And lastly thanks to Creative Commons, who have enabled this act of eye candy. In antiquity, sweet food treats were rare and were mostly obtainable by the rich or for special occasions. 😧

  2. Brioche , a bread enriched with butter and eggs, was considered at the time to be a luxury food. The quotation in context would thus reflect either the princess's disregard for the peasants or her poor understanding of their situation if not both. While the phrase is commonly attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette , there is no reliable record of her having said it. The phrase was first attributed to Marie Antoinette in , supposedly having been uttered during one of the famines that occurred in France during the reign of her husband, Louis XVI. 👩‍❤️‍👩

  3. "Let Them Eat Cake is a culinary delight with a wonderful surprise ending."-Rachel Hauck, author of The Wedding Dress What do you do when you've got a degree in French and absolutely no job prospects? You slide into your favorite French.

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