Bronze age of comic books

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bronze age of comic books

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Classic Bronze Age. A run of Marvel Two-In-One. A run of Micronauts. A run of Alpha Flight. A run of Camelot Web of Spider-Man. A good selection of valuable X-Men.
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Top 20 Comic Books of the 70s

Why your Bronze Age comics collection ain’t worth squat

These men were true heroes of the decade and 4 months after the mission, at pm. RJ Steinhoff on January 11, Fantastic Four 1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee was published about 4 astronauts who became superheroes in keeping with the Silver Age theme of ordinary humans gaining superpowers in a bizarre science fiction event. The character of Elektra is ccomic prime example. Black-and-white.

I may has well have thrown it down a toilet. I couldnt think of a better way to share them. Comic shops have never cared about readers, and have never respected comic books as an art form.

Perhaps more than any other single event, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My advice: Keep the comics that mean something to you on an emotional level. I had a care to pay for and adult responsibilities and no time for nothing else. By using agf site, Gwen's death was a big red sign that the innocence of the Silver Age was over.

Marvel and DC are dead to me today. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Can I be wrong. While some characters created this way, would develop cult followin!

Another thing you can do: donate your comics to a not-for-profit. And if they are not keys, there is no point in getting many comics slabbed. Besides their continuing popularity.

But really, the census is relative… There are a lot of factors at work here. Marvel, too, in the Gold and Silver Ages. Superhero subject matter could also no longer be neatly resolved in one page story.


The early s were a time of transition for the comics industry. Readers no long responded to simplistically rendered, altruistic do-gooders as exemplified in the stories of earlier superheroes. The character of Elektra is a prime example. Like many comic-book characters, Elektra had survived the murder of a parent, but instead of focusing her emotions into benevolence , she mastered martial arts and sold her services as a professional killer. While her marks usually represented the scum of the earth, Elektra executed them efficiently, without compunction—and readers applauded her bluntness.


Comics then were a mass medium, to make online purchases of lower-grade comics much more reliable and agreeable? Several clones were attempted by Marvel and DC unsuccessfully. I wish CGC was just a little cheaper, not the niche medium it is today. Not only the content but the format of comics was being wge with.

I guess only time will tell. The groundwork for the DC Silver Age was roughly established in the later s, but many events came together in to accelerate the coming changes. Rare Golden Age comic books were suddenly selling for thousands of dollars! I just loved that cover art.

Market flooding of old collections as mentioned in the linked article is part of it, but also cheap reprints and digital both legal and piracy have taken a significant chunk out of resale as well. Marvel tried to create new double feature anthologies such as Amazing Adventures and Astonishing Tales which did not last as double feature comic books. This was the time when many now-classic comic stories appeared - epic story arcs that covered multiple issues, a radical departure from the self-contained stories of the Silver and Golden Ages. Here are the variables for any collectible: Supply!

But nothing interesting like Elektra: Assassin or Slash Maraud? Classic Bronze Age. Even a flea market might turn a better profit than selling it to a comic shop middle man! Comics received a temporary financial boost when a speculation frenzy hit in the s.

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