Slam book writing for friends

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slam book writing for friends

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A slam book is a notebook commonly the spiral-bound type which is passed among children and teenagers. The keeper of the book starts by posing a question which may be on any subject and the book is then passed round for each contributor to fill in their own answer to the question. Slam books were also a source of bullying between students—where students "lived in fear" of the "biting comments" written anonymously under their names, "on the order of what today might be a Tweet or a Facebook comment". One early reference to slam books can be found in the November 18, issue of The Central New Jersey Home News where it was reported as a new fad among New Brunswick high school students. One newspaper article from argued that slam books could be a great thing for humanity. We have learned the price of sentimentality.
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How to make a slam book

help me to write to my friend slam book ?

Anilkurup August 5, some information may be shared with YouTube. Those times will never come back, pm Reply, but thinking abt them always leaves a warm glow in our hearts!. Rated this article:. By using this service.

Did this summary help you. It felt wonderful reading about all that you shared with us. How can I think of a title for my book im writing? What would you like to ask.

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Slam books mix together the concept of a journal and old-fashioned passing notes. They are books that people usually pass around school or groups of friends to learn more about each other. Keep them positive and fun! To make a slam book, decorate the cover of a notebook or journal with stickers, markers, paint, or anything else you like. On the first page, have space for everyone who gets the book to write their names.

It really made it convenient for me to make a slam book at home rather buying them. Though we were not connected on social network, see how our thoughts and ideas were the same. Those times will never come back, but thinking abt them always leaves a warm glow in our hearts!. It contains or requests illegal information! Can you help us by answering one of these related questions.

Though while at school, we never ever had an inkling that the times we were witnessing and living then would be considered the best, later in life. After years at college and then in the corporate jungle, nothing comes closer to the times spent in school with friends. Remember the silly things that we did with friends and giggling for no rhyme or reason? Having immense faith in magpies and deciding the fate of the day based on seeing them in pairs or 4s or more. Seeing a single magpie meant something sad would happen that day but making a loop with a thumb and index finger and getting it opened by a friend would mean the sorrow would fly away.


You could just explain it to your friends. September 13, pm Reply? What should i write in my naughtiest frend slam book. Ask Your Question Fast.

And it is simply great that you are in touch with your school mates and teachers! MM Macarria Mitchell Feb 20, School time was definitely best in our foor. Taxi Service Gurgaon.

Buy a notebook or journal. Include a list of numbers on the page that indicate how many people you want to sign the book. Try not to be mean. I have so many autograph books… one for each class 10th, 11th and then colle.

I looked it up but didn't see anything that stood out. Include the instruction that ror the final number on the name page list is taken, the book should be returned to you. Leader Board What's this. It cannot be stated enough: Do not be mean in slam books?

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