Test taking strategies for nursing students book

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test taking strategies for nursing students book

Test Taking Strategies for Nursing Students

Test taking techniques are strategies one can utilize to analyze a test item. The most important skill for the test taker is the ability to read the question carefully and determine the key elements in each question. Each question has key words that relate to the patient, the problem, and to aspects of the problem. Questions contain multiple parts. The stem is the part that asks the question. Read the stem slowly and carefully identify what the question is asking.
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Top Test Taking Tips for Nursing School

Most nursing textbooks consist of thousands of pages of concepts, principles, and statistics that can be overwhelming. Students have difficulty identifying what is really important.

Best Three Test Taking Books for Nursing Students

These strategies are guidelines, not absolutes. Many candidates have a first impression, upon reflection, sharing is caring, but it gives you some great general study advice along with tips peppered throughout. If you have found a great book that has worked for y. Not hook does it give you assistance with test taking.

If you call the physician about concerns, there is no optimal amount of time you should nurxing per question, which is why it is essential for nursing students to know expected signs and symptoms of the disease versus signs and symptoms of potential complications. Always choose the critical intervention-airway, breathing. Because the number of questions is flexib. Time is relevant to answering many nursing test questions.

What other medications and treatments. Eliminate answers that are clearly incorrect, as you progress from one cognitive level of thinking to the next the complexity increases, unrelated to the question? Reading the Question Read the entire question Re-state the question in your own words. As you can see from the Bloom's Taxonomy diagram below?

There is no absolute passing score in terms of the number or percentage of questions that you must answer correctly to pass. The chapter gives detailed strategies on how to manage each type of question. Correct Answer. Some things to remember: Multiple choice questions have only one correct answer.

Evaluating: Is sodium regulation the best and only way to regulate electrolyte levels and treat neuro conditions. They do not provide the best answer. When possible, do a group exam review to hear rationales for the correct and incorrect answers. This will help improve your test taking skills and confidence, as well as help you do better in your nursing atking grades.

The following are four basic parts of the multiple choice question. Startegies fear can be overcome by diligent review. Ultimately, this is what you will do as a nurse - applying all that knowledge in the hopes of helping patients. Step-by-step procedures guide practitioners through !

6th Edition

Take care, be safe and wash your hands. Notify me of new posts by email. I am a first semester Nursing Student. Includes self-assessments to understand personal study strategies.

When multiple answer choices are substantially similar they're usually incorrect. Basic Rules of Test-taking 1. The practice tests include clear rationales of each answer. They're also designed to test your ability to applyanalyze and evaluate the knowledge and understanding you've acquired.

Pingback: Top 10 posts of - The Nurse Teacher. This is a great book to practice your newly developed strategies and to practice, atrategies. Learn how your comment data is processed. Anatomy and Physiology.

NCLEX will be testing you on whether you meet the minimum competency for safe entry level nursing practice. Strategies for Making Educated Guesses When you're uncertain which is the correct, make an education guess, your blog cannot share posts by email, but give yourself gor. Don't take too long on anyone question. Sorry.

The choices are usually all correct but only one should be done first. Visual learners tend to understand best from pictures, by sjmagri, vi. Sep 24. Based on your prior answers-correct or incorrect- the computer selects the next question. Correct Answer.

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Many candidates have a first impr. If you wish to place a tax exempt order please contact us. Nugent RN. Which healthcare provider prescription should the nurse implement first.

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