Book club discussion questions for 1000 white women

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book club discussion questions for 1000 white women

Book reading next month - Dryden Book Club of Dryden, NY

You've been a reading machine lately! As I read the description, I wondered if it was a true story and have to admit I was relieved to see it's not. The book does sound fascinating. By the way, what's a Yankee Swap? Oh, I couldn't finish this one actually.
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One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd (20th Anniversary Edition)

Kristin P. The writing just does not sound like a woman wrote it. Her journals of her travels with the Natives, gives us a look into what might have happened if this program was entertained during the Late s. Disussion L.

I also appreciated his descriptions of the west as well as the Indians' way of life. And perhaps Wonen have What I'm Reading Now. That sounded meaner than I intended.


I leave this record for my dear children, Hortense and William, in the event that they never see their loving mother again and so that they might one day know the truth of my unjust incarceration, my escape from Hell, and into whatever is to come in these pages Today is my birthday, and I have received the greatest gift of all — freedom! I make these first poor scribblings aboard the westbound Union Pacific train which departed Union Station Chicago at a. We are told that it will be a fourteen-day trip with many stops along the way, and with a change of trains in Omaha. Although our final destination was intended to have been concealed from us, I have ascertained from overhearing conversations among our military escort they underestimate a woman's auditory powers that we are being taken first to Fort Sidney aboard the train — from there transported by wagon train to Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory, and then on to Camp Robinson, Nebraska Territory. How strange is life.


I found this book to be extremely interesting. And as far as the rape scene goes, I found it believable that she wanted to record as few details of the event as possible. May Dodd was my favorite. Colleen F.

Owing to the nature of my "affliction" - my "moral perversion," as it was described in my commitment papers a sham and a travesty - questionz many other women I wonder have been locked away like this for no just cause. It is written as in true story form but it is fiction Nancy O. Thank you for your patience.

Qhestions has accomplished his mission. I did not like the battle scene at the end or how the women and babies froze to death. This book did not read like fiction or even historical fiction to me -- it seemed very authentic. Still, I was more than ever glad that I had not married him.

Add a comment This field is required. May was sent to live with the Cheyenne indians along with other wives for the tribes braves to teach them the "civilized" white man ways. It's not a small book but it was hard to put down! By far the baby's hands.

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  1. Were you able to identify with any of the characters. While doing research on a piece about the old scions of Chicago, J. The diaries of May Dodd seem so real that you are almost there with her as she experiences the wonder and awe of the olde West and Indian territory. Her optimizim through it all gives us a unique insight into the Indian culture of the late s.🤶

  2. In short, I think One Thousand White Women is an indictment against the way books are selected for publishing. That sounded meaner than I intended. Fergus has not written a bad book, just middling. 🤛

  3. Our Reading Guide for One Thousand White Women by Jim Fergus includes a Book Club Discussion Guide, Book Review, Plot Summary-Synopsis and Author​.

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