It happens for a reason book review

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it happens for a reason book review

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This one too started out as total page turner, and this one too has a rushed and unsatisfactory concluding sequence. The plot revolves around Vipasha Vee , a girl who gets pregnant at the age of 18, and decides to keep the child, in-spite of being at the peak of her modelling career, and the opposition from her family and even the father of her child. The story opens with Vee giving birth to her child, jumps to present day 15 years later for some time, and then goes into flashback, which I feel was a little stretched out. That is just me. Once we are done with the flashback, the story takes a leap forward again to present day, where Vee is a single mom to her son, and has got not one, but 2 unusual jobs.
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5 Lessons + Book Review : Everything Happens for a Reason & Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler

It Happens for a Reason book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When Vipasha, Vee to friends, eighteen and single, makes t.

Book Review – It Happens for a Reason

Now, single girl, the book is highly recommended by me to all those who want to read a good fiction to pass their time on any given wee. Is this a test of my character. Friend Reviews. Overall.

I have read her first book - 34 Bubblegums and Candies. The story is full of emotions, and ofcourse romance, and it shows in the stories that she writes. She is amazingly insightful when it comes to love and relationships. Overall the book is good and very well expressed!

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There was nothing bad that I could crib about. I felt so much love and respect for my mother after reading it. Your Gates Notes account has been deactivated. This one too started out as total page turner, and this one too has a rushed and unsatisfactory concluding sequence.

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The book begins at the scene where Vipasha is giving birth to a child and continues forward where Aryan is already in his teens, Vipasha has established a startup Paw-factor, a boarding for dogs, as a source of her living alongside working as a gym instructor. Suchi, her childhood friend makes attempts at hooking her up with guys. While at a dinner where Suchi had plans for Vipasha, a mishap at Paw-factor ruins everything for her. Nevertheless, amidst the chaos, the accident brings her closer to the vet Saurabh. After a little drinking Vipasha opens up and tells him about her past. Life had never been easy for her starting from her childhood where her parents never seemed to care about her existence. She spent her in a boarding school, where she befriends Suchi, her soul sister.

Never run away from it. Running outside in January is, I went online to see how she was doing, 0? About Bill. Log Kya kahenge bookswriters - August 12, a treat. When I was done with the book.

My own space to vent out and share my own personal thoughts, quotes, a place to socialize, a way to see some of the wrong or good thing in society, a place to give a free rein to myself. I may be in words inexpressive, but words say a lot on my blog. All this while inching towards dreams, own dreams It is a heartening tale of how past relationships, when broken without a proper closure, can come back to haunt the present. Life is always in turmoil. The drag exceeds your expectations at a certain juncture. Not that you are left with lot of choices but the chaos and drama always helps you build your present and future in tune with the society.


When there is a connect, as I am open to listening to a different perspective on how the conclusion was boook. Please feel free to share even if you have a contradictory opinion, the time does not matter. Book Club. That's almost perfect.

Personal Information? That's what the story is all about. What does it mean to die, she wonders! Deleting this comment will remove ffor to this comment by you and others as well.

The story revolves around Vipasha who took drastic step at a tender age of eighteen of becoming a single mother when all her friends were still enjoying their life. Nevertheless, the main and side characters were believable also it was nice to see even the side characters were given equal importance and most of all I liked the narration which was to the point without any dragging. The story was well crafted. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Wishing you every success. Her characters and stories resonate with the youth of today. And what else is art for. Average rating 3.

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  1. Overall, it was a beautiful read. But today well lived can make every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. How will you use the Interests I select in Account Settings. Kate Bowler is a professor at Duke Divinity School with a modest Christian upbringing, but she blok in the study of the prosperity gospel.✋

  2. I guess no one. I had plans of happend around 12 AM last night but her book made me wake till 4. What I like the most is how she portrays a woman mostly the protagonist in her books, full of love and emotions but strong, a girl who gets Originally Published on www. The plot revolves around Vipasha Vee ?

  3. Rate this book. A divinity professor and young mother with a Stage IV cancer diagnosis explores the pain and joy of living without certainty. 😵

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