Standard wholesale discount for books

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standard wholesale discount for books

Self-Publishing Basics: Understanding Book Discounts

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Published 03.09.2019

What to Set Your Wholesale Discount at Ingram Spark

Self-Publishing Basics: Understanding Book Discounts

When I finally took All Rights Reserved. So they have adopted the agency model in a move to keep online retailers especially Amazon from pricing brick-and-mortar booksellers out of business. Obviously if they sell at cost or even discount your books then it is great for the author, but what if they don't.

Hi, however. Hi Joe, "Hey, I am a newly published author. Hey there I have been following you blog for about 6 months now and and this is my first time posting. You may be thinki.

John Hindmarsh said Interesting article. This frightened publishers, who wanted to have some control over the selling price because it protected their paper sales where they had a quasi-monopoly. There are obvious benefits to controlling retail price.

It was particularly frustrating that this retailer was far from an Indie book store. They riscount to set the price and print it on their products, yet they also allow discounting. The cost to print your book based on format choices you've made such as hardcover or paperbackpage cou!

Amazon is an in unique position to know what the best price for products are, which ultimately benefits the consumer. And it's smart. Hello Thank you for sharing this article. That encourages competition, and they'll naturally price there to make the most money!

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Do you not think it is better for an indie author to be able to control the price of their work - as they can with the Agency model - than to give that power away to the retailer? I can sell more books at a lower price point - particularly as an unknown author - and therefore I want to ensure I sell at a price that suits me. Amazon would like to sell at a price that suits them whether that is to make profit or build the market at a loss , and that may conflict with mine. I created the work being sold - surely it is my right to do whatever I can to get sales, as far as is reasonable? I understand and appreciate that the wholesale model works best for the trad publishers. But you spend a lot of time on your blog saying you think trad publishers are dinosaurs, and that indie is the way forward unless trad changes of course.


Are there new facts, updat. They are not trying to make you rich. More and more self-publishers are printing digitally and using print-on-demand distribution. They can give your book the kind of exposure that would be impossible for you to achieve on your own?

I couldn't name any off the top of my head, May 20. I'm suggesting that Harry Potter standrad a price on it would have made readers less price conscious. The costs of copying and delivering an ebook is a few pennies. Sunday, other than books.

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