Smash book ideas for boyfriend

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smash book ideas for boyfriend

My smash book! Love letter to my husband :) | Diy gifts for boyfriend, Diy gifts, Couple scrapbook

Anytime is a good time to finally get those scrapbooking ideas down on paper or patterned paper! It can be easy to have incredible experiences but no time to document all of those memories. Luckily, we have a slew of scrapbook ideas that will get your scrapbook design juices flowing. Amy Tangerine is a master at making everyday look amazing. This interview-style layout could be used for graduates who are ready to take on the world. There are SO many ways to make travel memories last a lifetime.
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SMASH Books: What Do You Think?

Can wait to get started. Thank you again. Kimberley on July 2, at am. In just a few minutes you should receive an email with your free resource.

I tried but never really got into scrapbooking, so when I happened upon the video for Smash Book on Pinterest I decided to try one. Does it seem ironic to you to use artistic liberty and commercial constraints together. Could you tell me what is the strap you used to hold the book boyfrisnd. I purchased a key chain in London, and added it to the elastic.

First, Let’s Chat about How to Start a DIY Blog

SCRAPBOOK WALK THROUGH - Anniversary Smashbook

Probably the most successful present I have ever made my boyfriend was a spin on a scrapbook of every date and significant moment we shared in our first year together. The basic idea of a SMASH book is that it is filled to the brim with memories, stuffed with everything from notes, ticket stubs, pictures, calendar pages, and anything else significant to what you are recording. It seemed more casual and creative than a pretty and proper scrapbook, and I loved the idea. He loved it so much he asked for one every year for Christmas, of the past year we had spent together. There are many different ways you can go about this, which is the best part. SMASH has many different themes for the books available. Unlike scrapbooks, it comes with pages already in it, some patterned, some with quotes or doodles on them.

To understand their style and smadh, whenever I accumulated ticket stubs. These might give them an idea. During the vacation, this short video explains it perfectly, cooki. Andersen has been cr. Craft Ideas for Vacation Bible School.

Share craft ideas that inspire creativity. To Save Some Time. There are many companies that offer smash book kits. These have all the essentials like the book, the decoration supplies like glitter and marker pens, stickers, and other decoration items. Memories are special and memories demand re-living from time to time. Which is sort of the basic idea behind creating a smash book.


I just s,ash mine today and I love it. Thank you for your clever ideas. When I had several photos that I wanted to add to a page, I used this cascading photo technique. Tags scrapbook ideas scrapbook ideas for beginners scrapbook inspiration scrapbook pages.

Rebecca on June 2, at pm. And this was the last page. Any ideas. Make liberal use of markers and pens to write comments and add color.

Her favorite subjects to scrap are her husband and five kids never a lack for subject material there? I am going to do tis one next vacation. Follow Me. Hello Alex.

I must remember to take my smash book with me next time we do something exciting. Trending CL Classes. The Smash line has a bunch of accessories you can buy to use on your book and it can really turn out great? Thanks again for sharing your smashbook.

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  1. Alex- sorry for the late response. I have a journal addiction and the video totally sold me. Remember Me. Kayla who is going to be 9 at the end of June has asked for a Smash book for her birthday.

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