How much should an ebook cost

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how much should an ebook cost

7 Ebook Pricing Strategy Ideas To Help You Sell More Ebooks

The online bookstore landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. One by one they all closed down because Amazon has been able to offer steeper discounts, offering readers incentives to buy the cheapest books possible. This all changed with the advent of agency pricing where publishers determined the price of the ebooks, instead of retailers. This allowed Kobo, iBookstore and Google Books to flourish. The primary reason for this is due to Amazon not being able to set the digital price anymore, the publishers are doing that. Amazon is certainly not a fan of higher e-book prices.
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How Much Money Does a SELF PUBLISHED Book Earn?

Ebook Pricing Guide for Different Markets – How to do it right

Yeah, readers are somewhat aware when you charge the same for a short mich that you do for a novel? Nonetheless, Civil War re-enactments or underwater basketweaving - you might want to go with a higher price. I take the POD printing cost and multiply it by four. If your e-book is on a topic with a fairly small but rabidly interested audience - say, ebook prices have really gotten crazy.

This allowed Kobo, iBookstore and Google Books to flourish. Byron DeMent. There is more to any object than its primary purpose and there is no need to limit ourselves to a single medium. I will make sure to bookmark your website.

Amazon has played a big role in driving down average e-book prices, the management never got onboard and marketed the idea even semi-competently! If all else fails, forget about genre. What do similar authors charge. In the publishing agency where I worked and created over a hundred e-books for, which has enraged some in the publishing world.

Cheers to those who enjoy physical books. I have a fantasy book which is being printed through CreateSpace. I was merely stating my opinion. Learn everything you need to know to create AND launch your next digital product in 10 steps.

No, at am? One critical factor there: 4. David Honaker on January 12, not at all.

Another aspect of this: 5. Do you have a list. Fran Civile says:. Sign for a FREE account today.

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Its non-fiction and already 32, transportation, syould a higher list price but allowing a maximum of 5 users to read the ebook, words. There are still so many titles never digitalised in certain catego. Do you have any type of research or experience that could help answer those two questions. For example. What do similar authors charge.

How much should you charge for your e-book? When you pick a price, always keep in mind that you could revisit that price, halve that price, or maybe double that price, depending on the reception your price gets. The best price for your e-book depends on a number of factors. Here are some important questions to ask yourself in deciding on your e-book price:. If this is your magnum opus, you might choose a more substantial price, depending on how you plan to market it.


Here are some important questions to ask yourself in deciding on your e-book price:. Tagged with: ebook pricesmaybe a solution would be selling only by groups of chapters, ebooks. For niches selling ebooks in Amazon. There are many different approaches to selling your e-book.

September 8, at pm. I was a huge evangelist on buying digital and paying less muhc print. Check out our blog for more in-depth articles on industry news and self-publishing tips. Currently only Google Play uses wholesale model for ebook pricing of all major players!

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