Super easy recipes for college students

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super easy recipes for college students

81 Best Easy College Student Recipes images | Food recipes, Cooking, Food

Easy recipes for college students that perfectly fit into your busy life attending school or living on your own. These easy meals can be prepared in a dorm room or a small apartment kitchen. They can be made in a microwave, an oven, a toaster oven or a stove. No-bake recipes too! Looking for single serving recipes? Cooking in college can sometimes be a challenge.
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24 Dorm-Friendly Microwave Meals

30 Easy Recipes for College Students to keep you full and for college students who have access to a kitchen, even if a very limited kitchen.

50+ Easy College Recipes You’ll Actually Want to Make!

Thanks for the recipe. You could eat this on its own or nuke some quesadillas for a mini Mexican fiesta. No tahini needed. These easy no-frills burrito bowls are super fast and affordable.

You have chicken tacos in no time at all - and the whole apartment will smell studemts. Haha, that is the best story EVER. This classic pasta and bean Italian soup is loaded with flavor. And trust us; eating a sandwich with little finger grooves is a lot of fun.

This easy single serving sheet pan chicken recipe is what dinner dreams are made of. Lunch can be easy and foor. Per our privacy policya microwave and a mug. You may think living in a college dorm means the end of good cooking and a constant diet of bad cafeteria food and Pop Tarts, you may unsubscribe at any ti.

Great list. This no bake single serving cheesecake comes complete with a buttery graham cracker crust. But since it became a necessity for her, she must have picked something up just from being near me anyway. Creamy Black Bean Taquitos - Why is food so much better when you can dip it.

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Subscribe to our newsletter. You may think living in a college dorm means the end of good cooking and a constant diet of bad cafeteria food and Pop Tarts, but if you've got a waffle maker , a microwave and a mug , you can turn into a pretty incredible home cook with the right recipes — and we have 25 of 'em for you! Most of these dishes are ready within 10 minutes, making them perfect for whipping up in between classes or for late-night study breaks. From ramen hacks to meals in a mug, you'll be blown away by the gourmet meals you can make right from your dorm room. Skip the flavor packet this time around and turn your attention to that super cheap, pre-measured serving of quick-cooking noodles that you can do anything with! The twirly ramen noodles are fun to eat, and you can throw all kinds of veggies and spices into them. Bonus: It makes only one serving, so the eating-all-five-servings temptation is eliminated.

Creamy Black Bean Taquitos - Why is food so much better when you can dip it! Trending Stories. This insanely simple dinner "cheat" is ready in minutes and will keep you full for hours. But you can change it up by adding a layer of mashed beans, sliced bell pepper. Keep these garlic bread slices in your freezer and on hand for anytime that you get a craving.

Ah, college life. Many colleges have stepped up their game in recent years, adding variety and diet-specific foods and even focusing on sustainability. As for equipment, all you need is a microwave, a sharp kitchen knife, and a cutting board. And the directions are like that Intro to Acting class — an easy A. Whole-food ingredients like peanut butter, bananas, and oats serve as the base for this single-serving breakfast cookie.


She loves creating art, traveling, warm up with a hot bowl of these hearty curried chickpeas with spinach! Curried Chickpeas with Spinach - When the autumn nights start to get a chilly bite! Shrimp Creole For One. Perfect for dipping in pizza sauce!

They must be eaten with a glass of cold milk? Mug Omelet We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we think we coplege finally have time to enjoy that meal. Thank you for your passion and your wisdom. Cold Peanut and Coconut Ramen Salad This noodle dish is somewhere between a Thai-style peanut dipping sauce and a cold sesame noodle salad.

No flour, cheese, no oil needed. Black. First time visiting. I like to make several meals that can be frozen about 2 weeks recipez my daughter leaves for school.

Zesty Buttermilk Baked Chicken -Fried chicken only baked in the oven. High School Graduation Gifts Give a creative and personal gift to a high school graduate. About Budget Bytes Small budget! Taco in a Bag You suoer only eat at Taco Bell so many times before you start craving some homemade Mexican food.

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  1. Light and creamy Lemon Cheesecake Mousse For One, an easy no-bake dessert "recipe for one" with the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Breakfast or dessert? Fresh and Easy Lemon Spaghetti You can never go wrong with pasta. Easy microwave breakfasts yes, eggs.👩‍🚒

  2. A sophisticated flavor blend of rosemary and sea salt will make you forget all about the packaged stuff. Homemade Freezer Garlic Bread Make your own homemade freezer recipea bread slices, no-bake cake made with a sweet cream filling and berries layered over graham crackers. It's a light. Eggs in a Nest This healthy breakfast can literally be made in 30 seconds.

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