Recipes for canning venison meat

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recipes for canning venison meat

Canning Meat - A Tutorial | The Prairie Homestead

I suspect it stems from my irrational fear of potted meat food product. Ever since I was a little kid, I have thought that sounded like the worst possible thing you could put into your mouth… My apologies to any meat product fans out there. Grab a jar from your pantry, pop it open, and you have wonderfully tender meat all ready to add to your recipes. It saves on freezer space. It tastes darn good. Home canned meat is tender, juicy, and can be seasoned however you like.
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Old Fashioned Pressure Canning Meat (Venison)

I canned five pints of venison over the weekend, using my pressure canner for the first time ever. I have to say, having such a large contraption hissing and steaming at you is quite intimidating!

How to Can Venison

I do NOT add liquid! They also can liverwurst right after butchering hmm. It also makes quick work of week night dinners, when there is little time for 4 hour braising. I have a full pressure canning tutorial here.

Venison Recipes. Such a fast and filling meal!! I can remember my mother and my aunts working for days every fall to can the produce from our gardens and the wild fruits and berries they had picked. My sister in law and I decided to get together and be courageous and we can a hundred pounds of chicken.

This increases the ambient boiling temperature for water to degrees at sea level at ten pounds pressure and degrees for 15 pounds of pressure. Very addicting…. Over time the taste and texture will change, or it will interfere with the seal, and the nutritional content mea diminish. You don't want any grease or meat particles left.

Follow on Instagram. Add the quart jars in batches to the pressure canner! Everyone at deer camp likes to eat this meal and the key to its success is home-canned venison.

Late each Summer there is always that one day when I can point to and notice a slight change which signals Autumn is coming.
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How to Can Meat

Canning venison is so easy, I wish I had started years ago. These directions will also work for canning meats such as beef, elk, or pork. The first time I tried canning meat, I could not believe it was so easy. I thought surely there was something I am missing. Nope, nothing missing. And it tasted great! Any meat must always be processed in a pressure canner.

I talked with a certified master canned and she said after the canning process remove the bands. Acnning told me months. Not adding liquid was the most surprising part of canning venison for me. My absolute favorite is venison, we pack raw and can and it makes its own broth? Slice the venison into strips that are about an inch thick.

Towsley - Thursday, May 12, Once freezers became a fixture in the modern household the old ways of preserving food started to fade. The thing is, some of those old ways had a lot of good things going for them. I can remember my mother and my aunts working for days every fall to can the produce from our gardens and the wild fruits and berries they had picked. My grandmother canned the venison from the deer my grandfather shot. I doubt many kids today have those kinds of memories. With the growing prepper movement a lot of people, including me, are re-discovering canning.

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  2. Pack cubes tightly into clean jars, using a knife handle or handle of wooden spoon to get out any air pockets.

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