Green lantern graphic novel reading order

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green lantern graphic novel reading order

Green Lantern Collected Edition Reading Order Lists - The Green Lantern Corps Message Board

Below all this text! We strive for it be as complete as possible, containing major guest appearances as well as the core titles and mini-series. We focus on individual issues floppies! General suggestions can be made in the forum topic regarding the Green Lantern Reading Order, or discuss a particular update by commenting on the latest update announcement. Or, you can also use our request form. Our reading orders are instantly filterable.
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A comprehensive look at the reading order of Green Lantern Part 1!

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Guy Gardner 6 BUY. Green Lantern 2nd series 58 BUY. This third volume ended publication inwhen the miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth brought Hal Jordan back as a heroic character and made graphif the protagonist once again. Infinite Crisis 7 BUY.

While not all metadata is available, we try to put in the most important keywords. Bloodbath 1 BUY. Green Lantern 2nd series 86 BUY. Darkstars 29 BUY.

Darkstars 22 BUY. Takion 2 BUY. Green Lantern 3rd series 34 BUY. Green Lantern 3rd series 20 BUY.

Guy Gardner 34 BUY. Just a quick question, where does the 2 issue Guy Gardner story Collatoral Damage fit. Guy Gardner 7 BUY. Blackest Night 5 BUY.

So far it's been a blast. Green Lantern 2nd series 5 BUY. Countdown 26 BUY. Spectre 4th series 25 BUY.

Green Lantern 2nd series 4 BUY. Twitter Facebook Tumblr. Green Lantern 2nd series 25 BUY. Day of Judgment.

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Power of the Atom 9 BUY. Green Lantern 2nd series 67 BUY. I just have a question - is godhead the last trade before DC Rebirth or is there anything else left in the New 52. Green Lantern 3rd series 20 BUY. Countdown 20 BUY.

Green Lantern is an ongoing American comic-book series featuring the DC Comics heroes of the same name. The character's first incarnation, Alan Scott , appeared in All-American Comics 16 July , and was later spun off into the first volume of Green Lantern in That series was cancelled in after 38 issues. Although Green Lantern is considered a mainstay in the DC Comics stable, the series has been cancelled and rebooted several times. The first series featuring Hal Jordan was cancelled at issue , but was restarted with a third volume and a new 1 issue in June When sales began slipping in the early s, DC Comics instituted a controversial editorial mandate that turned Jordan into the supervillain Parallax and created a new protagonist named Kyle Rayner. This third volume ended publication in , when the miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth brought Hal Jordan back as a heroic character and made him the protagonist once again.


Green Lantern Cover of Green Lantern 1 Darkstars 0 BUY? Green Lantern 2nd series 52 BUY. I also consider the following dc events relevant: Millenium The guardians leave, setting the stage for the road back cosmic lqntern Xanshi is blown up forever evil ring of volthoom Darkseid war Jessica Cruz gets a real green lantern ring also maybe final crisis.

Last edited by Ch'psAcorn; at PM. But, Joe ed, maybe the second time around. Identity Crisis 3 BUY. In Pruett!

March 28, [95]. You might be right to read that single issue and then go through the 3 trades in that order. You missed Dragon Lord. We strive to complete this, as we believe it adds immense value to our reading rreading.

Hal Jordan will be flying with a familiar co-pilot as recent Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti will continue to write his adventures in the new ongoing series Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern 2nd series 43 BUY. Final Night! Novrl Lantern 2nd series 2 BUY.

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  1. Anyone know why Titans 15 wasn't collected? It's very possible, since it would not be the first time that DC has included issues in a trade that it didn't advertise as being included in the slocitation for it. Guess we'll see when they release, but here's hoping! 👳‍♂️

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