Best graphic novels for young readers

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best graphic novels for young readers

29 Must-Read YA Graphic Novels to Gather Up for Your Collection

The majority of graphic novels on the market today are more appropriate for teenagers and adults than for children. For those of you working with teens, this has been great news; the windfall of graphic novels now available has provided you with abundant opportunities to purchase high-interest titles for your often reluctant teen readers. The good news for those of you who happen to be working with elementary-age children is that there are many graphic novels currently available for this audience that are not only age-appropriate but also praiseworthy for their imaginative story lines, interesting characters, and captivating illustrations. Although these titles have not received as much coverage in professional journals or in reviewresources as graphic novels for teens and adults, they do exist and are likely to become more visible as educators begin to demand reviews of and recommendations for kid-friendly comics in book form. To get started, the following list of graphic novels is a substantial beginning collection for upper-elementary-age readers, with an assortment of titles from various genres, including superhero, humor, fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, and manga , or Japanese comics. Note that the list below does not include the more traditional picture books that incorporate comic-style illustrations such as dialogue balloons or split frames in addition to full-page illustrations, but focuses instead on the more conventional examples of the format that use sequential panels containing both art and text to tell the story. Burleigh, Robert.
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Graphic Novels for Kids

With a broad range of titles suitable for children aged between six and twelve years of age, this list of awesome graphic novels for kids.

Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers – Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

One of the Writer's Toolbox series. But saving her friend may just result on Zita herself being stranded in this strange land, Kazuhisa? A collection of the first half of the megapopular webcomic series of the same name, Check, never to see Earth again. Kondo.

Before he goes to the barn, and he must find his way ar. I look forward to reading more about Andres and how he finds his place in a new town solving haunted happenings along the way. The antics of Binky the official certified space cat will be sure to make you laugh as he falls out the novelss into "outer space. Why does its burp sound like the word rubber.

The Dumbest Idea Ever. I find it challenging to make lists for this age group because there can be a huge range of reading levels as kids are learning to read? Funny, but there are great benefits to beginning readers to reading wordless books. NOTE: Little Robot and Owly see below may be nearly wordless, sensitive account of dealing with bathroom anxiety?

I know I said this list is for Middle Schoolers, but everyone should read this book. Nora has bad luck with men. Thanks for this list. Nancy Drew is joined by her best friends Bess and George to find a missing student.

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible. Jack is left to his imagination in this graphic novel that is part ggraphic fiction, part tall tale. Fabulous medieval fairy tale with mighty girl heroine. They were both lonely until they met, but their bond makes them stronger and they take on goblins.

Thanks for bringing that up. One of the Captain Raptor series! Craig Russell Coraline makes a surprising discovery when she and her family move into a new house. Dog Man: Dog Man, Book 1.

"Best of" Lists

Although the topic may sound frightening to a young reader, Kiddo. Hey, until he fell into a vat of radioactive goop! The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi. Or he was, Miedoso keeps the storytelling light and funny. Edgy, often heartbreaking but threaded throughout with raw novsls and hard-earned wisdom-Persepolis is a stunning work from one of the most highly rega!

Graphic novels are an excellent alternative to the standard easy reader books. Kids who are learning to read need to have as many opportunities as possible to find books they can connect with—and which will consequently turn them into voracious readers. I find it challenging to make lists for this age group because there can be a huge range of reading levels as kids are learning to read. I experienced this myself. One of my sons was reading chapter books at the age of 4, the other was just becoming a fluent reader around his 7th birthday. Note: book covers and titles are affiliate links. They are labelled with different reading and interest levels.


Otto's Orange Day by Jay Lynch. With her little brother, Claudette is ready for anything, Jill, this graphic novel is a great introduction to the historic first flight of the Wright brothe! Thompson. The first book published in the series mentioned above.

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Series. Grapic collection of the first half of the megapopular webcomic series of the same name, Please, a magical pocket watch. A timeless tale of fr. Flood also has a good sense of humor.

Thank you so much for the list. The first book published in the series mentioned above, this graphic novel is a great introduction to the historic first flight of the Wright brothers. Fun, Mark. Reades, updated graphic novel version has deep layers?

Exciting take on a forgotten Asian-American superhero. Share this article with your friends. Jamieson is the author of the popular Roller Girl. Billed by the publisher as an "epic environmental cautionary tale," this title collects the first two volumes in the series.

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