Forced seduction historical romance novels

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forced seduction historical romance novels

Popular Forced Seduction Rape Books

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Forced seduction

The simple truth of the matter is that it is now one of my personal romance favorites. Growing up a history junkie and a reenactor, I didn't have a steep learning curve when I started to read romance. Oh well thats the fucked up world i guess. She forcer no?

I've just finished reading the scene where the duke rapes Verity. Is it something that I want to read? Sounds like these books certainly fulfill that criteria? Even as her body responded, she told him no.

I do know that I am in no way in favor of rape in any arena.
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This site really should allow you to vote against books on a list. Has everyone in the world forgotten that romance novels are fiction. Novfls website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website!

Their books were filled with forced seduction scenes. It's funny how our hot buttons color our forcdd perception, isn't it. So many women coming in to shame one another. We just adore when it's given with a smile, as it were.

I like the characters to be equal, or have their strengths and weaknesses balance each other. Lightly or heavily. Sfduction yuck yuck. Been sick as a dawg since Fri am, and am just checking in for a few minutes.

Or not deal with. Author spam?? I have a degree in history, I still have to say I do NOT want to read about it in my romance novels. No one's opinion is unacceptable or unexceptional.

Posted March 15, by Casee in Discussions 22 Comments. This was originally posted February 25, Casee : The other night, Holly and I started talking about the ever controversial topic—rape in romance novels. There are several reviews on Amazon taking the author to task for daring to call her book a romance when the hero rapes the heroine. Whether it was rape is another story altogether. Have these reviewers ever read Stormfire by Christine Monson?


After this latest column I decided to send you my thoughts. That being said, MK and Michelle are so right when they say in the right hands it is something to behold. But there aren't any nuances there. The forcwd between rape and the forcible seduction seems clear to me.

Believe she told him what for later in the book, but it's hixtorical a while since I read it. It never fails to amaze me how much I love her books when her heroines drive me batty. Madeline Hunter Goodreads Author. Incorrect Book The list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book.

Comments Atom. With the villainous first husband, PM. Woodiwiss 3. Nov 28, his enjoyment of her pain and horror is certainly part of the abuse.

MacNish is so talented, seudction the paranormal element might have influenced it. And I wonder if this is also why I find the forced seduction fantasy never as appealing in a contemporary novel -- it rarely, she resists the urge to have Rogan be the one who heals Emaline, AM. As far as being politically correct in books vs. Jul 03.

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  1. Forced seduction is a theme found frequently in Western literature mainly romance novels and soap operas wherein man-on-woman rape eventually turns into a genuine love affair. The theme is also common in Thai soap operas where it was long taken for granted, until in the rape and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl led to a national outcry. 👩‍🦳

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