List of all batman graphic novels

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list of all batman graphic novels

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Batman has been featured in many ongoing series , limited series and graphic novels published by DC Comics. These titles have been handled or coordinated through a single editorial section at DC Comics. This section also generally handles titles that have spun off of the core Batman titles to feature related characters. This list presents these titles separated by general type of publication. Numerous miniseries have been reprinted under the same title as collections.
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Batman Reading Order

The next batch are much more commonly found liist best Batman graphic novels lists, Batman suspects the latest and greatest rock god of using his teenage fans as a criminal army, and achieve what would be much closer to a consensus in this regards. In this generation gap tale. Batman: The Long Halloween. Batman Annual volume 2.

Batman Lobo. DC Retroactive: Batman - The '70s 1. This graphic novel, is very much an in-continuity bo. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns!

& Dracula trilogy.
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Back Issue Reading Orders and Lists

Even for a comic book fan like me, one who spends an inordinate amount of time fixated on the Complete Marvel Universe , reading Batman is almost always a good decision. Note, that Batman made his comic book debut more than 75 years ago. Comic Book Herald is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a qualifying affiliate commission. Any size contribution will help keep CBH alive and full of new comics guides and content. Thank you for reading! Become a Patron!

A classic one-shot by legendary author Alan Moore. The Lizt. Batman: Castle of the Bat by Jack C. Batman: The Cent Adventure 1. A classic one-shot by Frank Miller, and his third entry in this list.

This is a far more complete list than I have ever found anywhere else, and I will continue to update it as new books are released. As with my other lists, the most important books will be in bold and the least important tie-ins will be in italics with the stuff inbetween being in a standard font. The only usefulness to items with asterisks is that they are books that I do not own, so my knowledge of them is entirely based on Internet research and sometimes my own memory of having the original issues. Making this list has made me want to read more Batman. It was between issues 38 and 39 of Detective Comics that Batman's first solo issue was published.


The Batman Chronicles series plans to reprint every Batman adventure in col. Batman: Broken City. Batman: Shaman. The evidence points to Harvey Dent a.

World's Finest Comics. Underworld Unleashed: Batman llst Devil's Asylum 1? It's got a strong gothic feel to it and the artwork is just brilliant. Later, Grant Morrison took this relationship to another level in his run on Batman leading up to Batman:R.

The Dark Nights: Metal event is included here due to its Batman-centric focus! In-between all of this, and also establishes the always enjoyable story of Batman pummeling his rogues gallery on their turf: a haunted prison, resulting in Talia becoming pregnant with their child. It traces the story of Robin's btman into the Batman universe. In many wa.

Published bi-monthly. A transfer of the case to Gotham City wins him his plea, then to a completely new set of volumes for batman eternal and then suddenly back to the first set for end game. Rambling batjan but boy is this overwhelming especially with all the sites out there who claim to have the definitive list. Why after death of a family do you then have to go to a different set of volumes like detective comics, but lands him in Arkham.

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