Hsk level 1 vocabulary list pdf download

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hsk level 1 vocabulary list pdf download

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To achieve this first level of Chinese language proficiency, you must master basic pronouns, classifiers, nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. You must also know how to express time, age, money, and numbers using different sentence patterns such as questions, negatives, imperatives, and the like. HSK 1 vocabulary list includes required vocabulary words and phrases. Once you can understand and use these, you will pass HSK level 1, which means you now meet the basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies. I have completed their BCC and since then, I spend daily 90 to minutes studying.
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Intermediate Chinese: HSK 3 Chinese Vocabulary & Sentences – Full HSK 3 Word List & Lessons

HSK word list

Cooperation Cooperation Affiliate Program Links. Download Mizige Paper Large. Advanced Search. To achieve this first level of Chinese language proficiency.

Paper ebook Kindle. HSK 1 and 2 therefore have a maximum score of with points required to pass. Reset Check My Writing! Practice makes perfect.

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Mi Zi Ge Paper! View Sample Generate. Correct: 0 ; Wrong: 0. ID Chinese Trad.

Next Question. Chinese characters for HSK 1 to 4 1, 2, characters to know for the required 1. A2 [30]. Beginner HSK 1.

Views Read Edit View history. View Sample Generate. National Southwestern Associated University. B2 [28]. Journey to the West.

Listen to the pronunciation, and type in correct pinyin with tone. For example, pin1yin1. Advanced Search. Your cart is empty. ID Chinese Trad.


If you are located in Chinaplease use VPN to download the files or contact us for an alternative download option. All right reserved. Paper ebook Kindle. Download Tianzige Paper Medium.

Add their pinyin, but no need of adding the hanzi of other characters because you will create their dedicated cards. Sample Vocabupary Generate. Need Help.

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  1. Cooperation Cooperation Affiliate Program Links. Designed for learners who can use Chinese in a simple and direct manner, applying it in a basic fashion to their daily lives. The Advanced HSK however, added an additional two portions: spoken and written. HSK 4 Vocabulary List.

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