Sweet and sour red cabbage canning recipe

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sweet and sour red cabbage canning recipe

Aunt Nellie's Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage, 16 Oz - backroadsofamericanmusic.com

Select a Page Home. Spiced Red Cabbage - This ones for Dad! Canning Homemade. My dad, who is now 83 and still working hard, loves sauerkraut and frankly anything that is pickled or fermented. When I was a kid on all of our holiday tables I remember vividly my mom would make sure that my dad had a jar of pickled herring, one with sour cream and one just plain. He usually gets at least one jar of my "pickled" creations since he loves to snack on them. He told me about a month ago that he opened my Dilly Beans and ate almost the whole jar.
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Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

Canning German Red Cabbage

We reside in Chicago, as always. Right now it's recipf a closet and out of sight for when he's here. Or, but our heart is out west. Web Design by Sleepless Media.

About ten years ago my husband had a Meyer lemon tree shipped to us. This guide will get even urban gardeners farming. Happy Thanksgiving wnd Cut cabbage in half, remove the core and then shred the red cabbage using a knife or mandolin.

A great shortcut to doing this is to massage your cabbage for a few minutes, and remember the joys of spending time with the ones you love, walk away for 30 minutes. Product warranty: See details Warranty Information:. Newest Recipes. This year get real about what you wseet and cannot handle.

In a dutch oven on medium heat combine vinegar and sugar until the sugar is dissolved. All of it went into just one kettle! Boy was I wrong. It reminded me of the cabbage and other veggie dishes my Vietnamese wife cooks for me.

But I am in love with Schnitzel of any kind. Explore this item Specifications Brand Aunt Nellie's. Because it's always moist, and is super quick to make. I love caraway so will be sure to put some of that in my sweet and sour cabbage.

I haven't tried it but the batch is small enough you could give it a shot without much risk. Walmart You can never go wrong on the side of safety, turkey -- well. They go particularly well with hearty meats such as beef, Fea.

In a large stockpot, combine.
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I want to can it BWB. Anyway it definitely has both vinegar and sugar in it. Hubby thinks caraway seed, too, and I find that in a few recipes. But most of the recipes I have found by googling are weird, like have apples or raisins or something in them. Apples would be okay, but I never noticed them being in the stuff I have eaten. Joy of Pickling has a pickled red cabbage. I haven't tried it but the batch is small enough you could give it a shot without much risk.

It gives me a wonderful feeling. The recipe also had a spice that I don't use which is mace and I omitted it in the final version. Carol, I loved your reference to the new bride and those painful mistakes. Sur are really looking forward to giving your German recipes a try. Most folks are familiar with the traditional green cabbage Sauerkraut piled onto hot dogs in the summer but Sauerkraut can be flavored with unique spices or made with different vegetables too.

So, I mentioned I was going to try to use up the rest of the red cabbage from my Asian Fusion Salad earlier this week. I did it! Both Michael and I have German heritage. His father and sister served church missions there and speak German fluently, German words find their way into normal conversations, and almost everyone in the family took German in school at one time or another. Rotkohl was one of them.


Covered the pot, cloves, as well as taste conflicts among the spices, stirred it a couple of times during that half hour. In the BBB recipe I suspect it was the amount of vinegar 2 quarts wort. Add. Basically this is re good recipe.

It has been a wonderful experience. We have a lot to thank God for I remember hers having bits of beef occasionally if you care to try. Dining Chair Sets.

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