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essentials of audiology pdf free download

[BEST BOOKS] Essentials of Audiology by Stanley A. Gelfand Full

Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids: Selection, Fitting, and Verification is a comprehensive textbook for graduate-level amplification courses in audiology programs. Topics include audiological pre-fitting testing, needs assessment and treatment planning, hearing aid selection, verification, orientation and counseling, post-fitting follow-up, and real-world validation. They also review the selection of hearing aid styles and fitting arrangements, explain the process of obtaining an ear impression, and making critical decisions regarding earmolds and hearing aid plumbing. Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids provides guidance for selecting prescriptive fitting approaches and detailed protocols for the use of behavioral measures and real-ear speech mapping to both verify the fitting and assess special hearing aid features. Follow-up care and auditory training options also are reviewed, along with signal processing and technology.
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