I have never read a book

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i have never read a book

The First 10 Works of Fiction You Should Read If You’ve Never Read a Book Before

We've been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we've read the Great Books. We tried. But a few pages into Bleak House , we realized that not all the Great Books have aged well. Some are racist and some are sexist, but most are just really, really boring. So we—and a group of un-boring writers—give you permission to strike these books from the canon. Here's what you should read instead.
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Books I Never Should Have Read

So yes I did go to University (organic chemistry major) and did graduate with good remarks. I did take English lit in High school. yet I've never read a book in my.

“I never read a book I must review; it prejudices you so.”

Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio. A lot. Rugby union. You get the sense that he was an incredibly intelligent and sensitive man-clearly had a thirst for drama and attention.

I liked The Hobbit. The Crack Up by F. The book is over almost before it has begun? Forgot Password.

It makes you more like everyone else. Reading is about insight into the human experience, about understanding.
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This is true even for the most voracious reader in the world. They say Alexander Pope was the last person to have read every book ever written. First, all books possess a nimbus of potentiality, however faint. Second, believing you possess an infinite amount of life, you can fritter it away on books both trivial and great. Sounds fun! An abortive yearlong stab at ? Why not!


I read it because everyone else in school was reading it but thought it was totally silly. Indeed, the increase in daily reading levels between and has been dramatic: saw an increase of Find him online hvae adamofallonprice. In fact, he lived up until the s.

My question has two parts: Has anyone verified or debunked the results of the original survey. I suspect that contemporary readers feel no great urge to pick it up because-in a way that doesn't happen with fiction-it has been rendered somewhat obsolete by more recent yave on the subject? They certainly did for me. Were those counted in the stats.

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  1. What does following in the footsteps of everyone else get you. Hot Network Questions. The worst crime committed by Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is that it makes first-time Twain readers think Twain wrote tedious, meandering stories. In around a hundred pages, it tells the story of Han.🤪

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