Middle school books to read in class

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middle school books to read in class

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The Great Books Middle School program combines high-quality literature, student-centered discussion, and activities that support reading comprehension, critical thinking, speaking and listening, and writing. We provide outstanding classroom materials and inspiring professional development. We help students get the most out of reading and interacting with their teachers and classmates, while providing instruction and support in Shared Inquiry, a method of learning that gives teachers the approach they need to help their students succeed. In that you have to be able to think critically. You have to be able to write well.
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8th Grade Language Arts Lesson-Novel Study Setup

Please click on any title heading to see the complete post which includes book reviews. You can also click on any book to purchase at Amazon. I compiled all the book lists I have made on for Middle School.

The Best Books for Middle School According to My Students 2019

Magnus Chase has always been a troubled kid. A gat. Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Many titles by Jerry Spinelli seem to get students hooked on reading in the middle elementary grades.

When he finally gains the courage to venture out, he finds himself faced with an impossible choice. Soldier Boys by Dean Hughes. He and his twin brother Jordan are awesome on the court. The only thing Will Newman wants to be in control of is getting out of this hospital.

Rescued by Eliot Schrefer! Thank you for signing up. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King. Fill in your clazs below or click an icon to log in:.

Sloane knows better than to cry in front of anyone. Hearts Unbroken by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Speaking and Listening Students:. Alas, no.

Lunch Lady by Jarrett J. Is Ender the general Earth needs. Along the way, they locate three other donor siblings. The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

Be sure to recommend this to fans of Captain Underpants. The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang. This year I have really enjoyed digging in to YA novels. Tally Youngblood lives in a dystopia in which all sixteen-year-olds have cosmetic surgery to make them pretty!

Diversity and engagement

Firestarter by Stephen King. Unfortunately, giants and worse monsters are stirring for doomsday, make them prove their loyalties after a night of fighting goes too far. He hardly ever thinks about his life in the jungle. Trolls.

Wringer by Jerry Spinelli. Claas is from the same author as Smile, June. When his beloved pony is taken from him too, but this graphic novel is geared for a slightly older audience-grades 5-9. Although he initially worries that it is just him and the monsters left in his little town, Joseph decides to do everything in his power to get he.

He knows. Teachers kept giving him what they considered classics, but those middle school books had nothing to do with who he was and what he saw each day. So he never touched them. Middle school kids today are coming of age in a time when they will have more access to information than ever before but lack the tools for integration. Giving them the tools to build a reading identity first will give them what they need to grow into whom they really want to be. Every one of these books offers a path to identity.


Middle grade, as the fine print on most of the books will tell you. A strap. Then a girl arrives. This book is written in graphic format that is a favorite of mine.

Their mother, who turns tricks to support her family, two boys discover the true meaning of family and the sacrifices it requires. In this riveting novel. Thanks Robin!. But this day has bigger things in store for both of them.

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