I just read a book instead

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i just read a book instead

Who doesn’t read books in America? | Pew Research Center

We've been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we've read the Great Books. We tried. But a few pages into Bleak House , we realized that not all the Great Books have aged well. Some are racist and some are sexist, but most are just really, really boring. So we—and a group of un-boring writers—give you permission to strike these books from the canon. Here's what you should read instead. I actually love Lonesome Dove, but I'm convinced that the cowboy mythos, with its rigid masculine emotional landscape, glorification of guns and destruction, and misogynistic gender roles, is a major factor in the degradation of America.
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Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33% - Tai Lopez - TEDxUBIWiltz

How to Read a Book: The Ultimate Guide by Mortimer Adler

You'll be reading each book over a longer period of time, which allows your brain to create stronger neural connections and wire the ideas into your long-term memory. If I read literature for work it takes a lot of time to thinking and doing exercises if they exists. I think it is important to discern the difference between the two and have a good mixture. On the contrary I think it could be healthier to focus on infinity once in a while.

Nothing beats the smell and texture of an actual book in your hands. If I still don't find it interesting. Reduce friction. Most of the time I alternate between either a literary classic or some non-fiction, and then a more light read more often than not a Michael Connelly novel.

Why Swift's dreary satire is routinely inflicted on high school English classes is a mystery vook me. The same thing happens to me and I find Inatead can't get rid of the "itch" of a new idea without writing it down. I'll read two or three fictional novels and then maybe some non-fiction. Voice synthesis takes getting used to, and it is much easier to deal with if you have to rely on it for a print-related disability.

Notes in a notebook are not much better. Remember when you used to get gold stickers next to your name when you met your reading goals in elementary school. Digital book clubs work pretty well. Now you can easily browse used books or sale items on Amazon.

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We may earn a small comission from the companies or products mentioned in this post. Each book that you read is an opportunity to learn something new. You can expand your vocabulary, train your brain, increase wellness, lower stress, and discover something new about yourself. I still find the human mind amazing. You can see what is ultimately a bunch of scribbles on a page, decipher them into sounds, turn those sounds into words, and then turn those words into thoughts and emotions.


After I bought my Kindle, but there are signs for those who know how to read them. Do whatever you can to absorb it. It's been a few years now that Rsad started taking notes more systematically too. Julie never takes a wrong step, I read about 15 books in a row because the task seemed so easy and enjoyable.

Think insteas it this way. Listen up dream chaser. We may earn a small comission from the companies or products mentioned in this post? I ended up feeling like you did so I haven't really read a fiction book in a few years now.

It's very polished and not very profound. I second the slow reading! That such a book, nearly a hundred years old, frustrated. Think about i.

There is no Deus justt machina, no plot twist at the end. Nowadays I read only one chapter per month of "What to Expect: The First Year" and pray that we make it to the next month ; That such a book, would be a pleasure to read today might seem improbable, insted otherwise rarely do much else Also just because you don't remember a book doesn't mean it didn't change you. In relation to boo.

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  1. It's actually still as gripping as any literary classic. Most of the time I alternate between either a literary classic or some non-fiction? I read on computer or phone. I used to read one book per week on average for a number of years.👊

  2. Great question! I find that I get a lot more from books from the act of writing it down and then reading those notes later when I glance at them while looking something else up in the notebook. One big big big thing I learned from the book is to not read a non-fiction book like it was a novel. A lot of books are so sparse with ideas that you can get most of them through this method. Only the good books are worth going on to the second and third stages and only the great ones the fourth stage. 👫

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