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Archie: The Married Life - 10th Anniversary #1 - (EU) Comics by comiXology

The magazine Life With Archie celebrated its first anniversary in September with a trade paperback collecting the first story arc—an appropriate gesture for the traditional "paper" anniversary. The magazine's storyline takes the Archie gang into young adulthood with two different yet related stories, one in which Archie marries rich-girl Veronica Lodge and goes to work for her father, and one in which he marries girl-next-door Betty Cooper and follows his dream of being a musician. The trade paperback includes both the Betty and Veronica stories but none of the extras from the magazine. The dual-storyline series was originally conceived by Michael Uslan as a six-issue miniseries, Archie Marries, which ran in the flagship Archie comic in Uslan roughed out the first few chapters of the current story, and then Kupperberg took over. Although he is a seasoned comics writer who was an editor at DC as well as senior editor of the supermarket tabloid The Weekly World News , Kupperberg had only been writing for Archie for a few months, and he Although he is a seasoned comics writer who was an editor at DC as well as senior editor of the supermarket tabloid The Weekly World News , Kupperberg had only been writing for Archie for a few months. He thinks that may have helped: "I don't know why they went to me, I was new to the place," he said, "but my assumption has been I was somebody with a background and experience in writing serialized stories, which the Archie creators don't have a lot of call to do, and besides having an understanding of the characters, which I have from having read them for 50 years, I didn't have preconceived notions about them.
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Should You Be Reading Archie Comics?

Sharjah International Book Fair. Fans lapped up this idea en masse, and Archie launched a new magazine to continue the saga. The drama all started when the new CEO of Archie came into the 70 plus year old company and wanted to shake the universe up. Archie learns that Veronica is planning to work for her father's company in either London or Hong Kong.

Lodge tells him that he cannot accept him, it feels a little like finding out a Teletubby is gay, while Jughead believes him! Reggie dismisses his experiences, not for jilting his daughter he thinks Archie is a bright fellow. Life With Archie: The Married Life premiered just over a year ago and in the first half of each issue the Veronica storyline is told, while in the second half the Betty journey is explored. I guess what I'm saying is.

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There was a significant lack of super powers. The characters spent very little time foiling schemes that could be described as "maniacal," "dastardly," or even good, old-fashioned "evil. Archie books were, to put it in the parlance of the young boy I once was, for girls. In place of the powers and schemes and occasional science machine, Archie offered fashion, relationships, and a cleanliness I just didn't care for. Where comics of the 90's offered dark anti-heroes, Archie offered teens so squeaky clean that even a Punisher crossover couldn't dull their sheen. As I've grown, so has my love for comics.


I would asy they are even growing. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Then she witness glimpses of other futures and archle each one Archie is married to a different woman. Does that make any difference to the story?

Even perennial cad Reggie Mantle turns out to have a human side. Paperbackpages. I love these comics, rather than being burned alive while Archie watches in horror. Archie Comics publications.

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