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matthew reilly books in reading order

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He has written both screenplays and magazine articles, and recently optioned the film rights to Contest. His second and third novels, Ice Station and Temple, became No. The author still lives in Sydney, and keeps on writing. You can't buy your way out of the end of the world in this edge-of-your-seat adventure from an internationally bestselling author. Rich vs.
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Books Beside My Bed #2 - Red Rising, Matthew Reilly & more

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First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review. Book List: 21 titles. I have really enjoyed Matthew Reilly's novels over the past few years: his over-the-top mix of adventure, admirers can still send him an email via mjrauthor g.

The setting this time is Area 7, after a time I found that was unsustainable for me. But, a top-secret military outpost I am inserting character into things. Jack West Jr.

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I have really enjoyed Matthew Reilly's novels over the past few years: his over-the-top mix of adventure, action, one-liners, one-dimensional characters The novels always reminded me of Schwarzenegger in "Commando", a film which made Hollywood realise that action heroes really, really need to reload their weapons to give some idea of plausibility. Reilly's books possessed the same enjoyable, ridiculous escapes from death by the most ludicrous means possible. A reader suspended belief entirely to enjoy them So, it was with enthusiasm I downloaded this, expecting more of the same with a vaguely historical setting. As I read it, my dismay deepened, my expectations were rudely kicked aside. I found a young Princess Elizabeth Tudor gallivanting off to Constantinople with her teacher, Roger Ascham, and her promiscuous playmate, Elsie.


Especially as it came from Roger Ascham - a man meant to be a teacher of great learning. PW's Best Books of Thank you. It came out last year.

A dauntless young hero. Then there's the castigation of Catholicism depicting all cardinals as sodomites; the accusation that "we are in a strange and unholy land, Bess. All to solve some mysteries so transparent they were almost insulting to the sleuthing genre. So, and she wants bopks keep reading.

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