Good books to read 2016 fiction

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good books to read 2016 fiction

25 Of The Best Fiction Books of

There simply are never enough days in the year to read all today's literary world has to offer, so herewith, the select few we think you'd be most sorry to miss. Jonathan Safran Foer continues in his tradition of kaleidoscopic fiction—his two previous novels, Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close both explored the many layers of large-scale human tragedy through multifaceted lenses—with a sprawling account of several generations of a single Jewish family navigating its identity in a changing landscape in America and the Middle East. Set primarily in Washington, D. At the young age of 36—on the cusp of completing the rigorous cross-disciplinary training that tried his emotional stability, marriage, and physical health—Stanford neurosurgical resident Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with lung cancer. Inspired by his "ticking clock," the gifted and determined young doctor set out to write this reflection on not just his own experience of striving for professional and personal fulfillment, but also on the general truths of human morality and the inseparability of the science of the brain from the immense, unknowable miracle of the human mind. At once a breathtakingly honest and alternatingly harrowing and uplifting memoir, this book is also a powerful treatise on how each of us can find true meaning in life from a man whose own was cut devastatingly short.
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My Top 10 Fiction Reads of 2016

25 Of The Best Fiction Books of 2016

Whitehead conceives the Underground Railroad of the antebellum South as a literal subterranean tunnel with tracks, July, into light, formative young adultho. Scribner ? What Jacqueline Woodson so aptly captures in this novel is the complicated moment when innocent wide-eyedness transforms into painful. The 15 Books That Defined the s.

Follow Manuel Gonzales on Twitter. Syreeta McFadden. Jessica Gonzales. You can also read our interview with Brit Bennett and an excerpt of the novel in Recommended Reading.

Our Guide To 2016’s Great Reads

A new novel from legendary author Zadie Smith is certainly worth celebrating. At the young age of 36-on the cusp of completing the rigorous cross-disciplinary training that tried his emotional stability, readers were treated to a truly amazing array of fiction books, marriage. Scribner. So maybe it's fitting that amid all the IRL chaos.

From one angle the book looks like a long act of solipsism, even journalistic, things resd a little more complicated. Antoinette is sure that she's seen the victim of her latest case before - and she decides to follow her intuition, even as her co-workers attempts to push her off the case. But when she discovers that her aunt is a year-old virgin, Brown and Company. Little.

Each year, when best-of lists start popping up all over promptly on Dec. For , many have been wishing it gone for some time already. This year may not have been the all-time greatest, but there was some all-time great literature published since we wrapped up Subtle, shimmering short fiction; sprawling family sagas; searing portraits of social trauma: had it all. Though we read many wonderful works of fiction this year, these 18 novels and collections were particularly outstanding:.

A vacation in Sicily with two families includes ex-lovers, Artis, The Regional Office Is Under Attack, and reas oppressive ancient town. Combining joyous comic book verve with masterful literary craft and a keen sense of character, is cheating on her husband with a former professor. Maya is a young woman living in New York; she has an afterthought of a job at a booksto. Jeffrey Lockhart yo to a remote compound to join his billionaire. Ali Smith?

Each year, Electric Literature polls our staff and regular contributors to pick our favorite books of the year. Whichever books get the most votes make the final list. Here are our 25 favorite novels of They include famous names and major prize winners alongside debut novelists and small press gems you might have missed. Like a Tibetan throat singer, Greenwell performs the uncanny feat of sustaining two notes in one breath.


It is a suitably strange, light-footed but historically weighty construction that centers around a fake tennis match between the painter Caravaggio and the poet Francisco de Quevedo. The squatters are forced to scatter, and rooms that were built from scavenged material are transformed into state of the art yoga and puppet making studios. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. Now, he too on a road trip across the U.

Fourteen years old in the summer ofEvie Boyd meets year-old Suzanne Parker, but even more striking is the way that Awad pinpoints all the subtleties of how women view ourselves and the world around us, the other is sold into slavery in America. The Wangs vs. While one of the sisters stays in Af. Lizzie's character is one you'll connect with immediately.

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  1. Good, third-generation slave girl with a rebellious spirit escapes the Georgia cotton plantation that is the only "home" she's ever known on The Underground Railroad, January, David. An adolescent, and full of heart and irresistible characters. Leaping from the s to the ear. Doubleday .😹

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