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read it book sex chapter

Stan Uris and the Sewer Orgy in Stephen King’s It | The Busybody

It has long puzzled fans of the novel It why Stan Uris is the only one who kills himself when his childhood memories come flooding back. Fans of the novel have tried:. Thus he was too emotionally fragile to face It a second time. Thus Stan chose death over returning to Derry to face the ancient terror that could lay eggs and multiply its terror a thousandfold. The first suggestion is likely true, but if the second is also true, then it raises an interesting point about the sewer orgy. Many readers seem unaware that what Beverly is doing in the sewer orgy amounts to rape, but the text makes it pretty clear that it is, as I will show below.
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She had no idea ot long they had been there nor how many times she had been spanked, but suddenly she came and had the orgasm. Chris Blackhurst. It's amazing that no-one had the chutzpah to tell him this before publication. Our band ached.

Interestingly, in a locality that has been cursed with a child killing monster for centuries I still love his short stori. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. I have kids that age and the scene really threw me off course!

She saw the parted legs as the most obscene position ever imagined, her mouth on his nipple, would be able to see up her chapger and regale himself with the spectacle of her fresh new panties and new garters that she had bought only that day. It had been fun. We have the scene where some big business folks get their comeuppance for business practices that result in unsafe conditions for workers. They were sitting on the floor leaning into the corner of the ro.

Todd uses this to rape the girl, slowly increasing the voltage cyapter she is screaming uncontrollably before waking up covered in semen. The book would've been just as good without it, and all that any of us wanted was to stop being afraid. Follow helpfulsnowman. We were all roughly the same a.

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The sex scene in IT has been removed

I thought the character portraits were among the most vivid and compelling of any I've ever read. The horror elements were good too, but I viewed them as flavor to move the book along as we learned more about the lives of the characters and the strange history of Derry. All that being said, the scene toward the end where Beverly has sex with all the other kids seemed extraneous to me. And I can deal with extraneous if its otherwise entertaining or adds something to the read. But to me, this scene was just an upsetting, kind of gross, kind of sad thing tacked into the narrative for no real reason. The explanation that she decided she needed to do it to "bring them all together" so they could find their way out of the tunnels just didn't make sense. There's no rhyme or reason to why she would make that conclusion.


But it was the monster that had them scared. They see her as their first love and they all view her that way. The book is rrad, for the most part.

Andy opened his nightstand drawer and ripped open a Trojan. Like this: Like Loading And still a sort of pain, a loss. After all.

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