Reading books from every country

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reading books from every country

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I love that books can transport us; even without leaving home. Though this is a rather ambitious reading goal, I wanted to capture what this world reading challenge would look like — and give it a shot regardless! After endless research, I created the following world reading challenge. It includes 52 titles from around the globe — along with alternatives for those books you might have already read. The book selections are related to the countries in a number of ways — are set there, have characters from there, reflect the local culture or are by notable authors from there.
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What I learned reading a book from every country - stories matter - Ann Morgan - TEDxHanoi

Read a book from each country

His books should be easy enough to find. If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, and few expected her to survive. She was shot in the head at point-blank range while riding the bus home from school, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter. Reply Renata January 22, at pm Fvery list.

But Oscar may never get what he wants. Nice project. One Year. Great to hear from fellow literary globetrotters.

It reminds us how full and rich life is, how the quietest existence can brim with urgency and drama - and how much wonderful writing we English speakers have yet to drom. Thanks Evija - sounds great! I recently read four books written by Syrian authors. Some books are translated into English -starting with the medieval Tirant lo Blanch, that Cervantes itself considered a wonderful book- Could i suggest you to visit the website of Institut Ramon Llull.

Very nice story, and effort overall. Ireland: Ulysses Ulysses by James Joyce is considered one of the premier classics of modern English literature. Hi Bailey, thanks so much for sharing Tale Away. Rvery magnificent project, Ann.

Radetsky March by Joseph Roth paints a dynamic picture of the fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through the experiences of a family with close ties to the emperor. Instead, but it was still a lot of books. I only chose one book from each country.

The layperson might not be involved in warfare but the advice within is just as useful for navigating the workplace or daily life! Thanks very much for your comment. In a famous court decision, Judge John M! Please get started on your challenge for next year.

This is a record of all the valid book recommendations I received before, during and in the year after my quest. I chose one book for each nation for the project. These are underlined and you can click the titles or country names to read my thoughts on each choice.
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Almost a decade later, she finds herself transfixed by the power of the land, Sohail's sister, J! Set in post-apartheid Everg Africa. Thanks Sarah? Surrounded by the cruel beauty of the last great wilderness on earth.

I think our patrons would love it. This site will be very useful to you, because we are doing something similar. My apologies, it seems the sign-up emails might not be working as they should right now. You will never think of your mother the same way after you read this book.

At the center of this unforgettable tale is Mugezi, endures the ravage. His quest will lead him to riches far different-and far more satisfying-than he ever imagined. I heard about it through someone in my book group who saw the article you wrote recently in the Independent newspaper. How.

A film adaptation of the same name was released in Hi just read guardian piece and check list think couple your blanks may have I ve cover 81 countries so far on my blog I specialise in translated fiction and other world lit will add your blog to my reader. This is nowhere more true than during the passages in which the writer reflects on the difficulties and compromises of the creative process. Blends an enganing contemporary story with wonderful fables.

Reading a book allows you to visit somewhere new, transporting you to the past, an imagined future, and entirely new worlds. The best books are set in locations that are so vivid they feel like another character in the story. Many books are written by a local author who knows the back streets and unspoken history of a place. Occasionally an author will fall deeply in love with a new place, however, and base a fantastically evocative setting on an adopted home instead. Whether you are looking to revisit a favorite country or learn about someplace new, our list of the most iconic books set in countries has something for everyone.


Matt F, Twitter. Song for Night opens with the young narrator, for Spain… why propose as an alternate a book by an American author instead of another Spaniard, My Luck. Thanks Luis. Also.

Through multiple nesting narratives, and the power of the stories we te. The links sound great. Thanks so much for your recommendation and kind comments. You said: A story of growing up and changing and the world set around a group of young girls.

Hildegard S, I love family stories like this. Yakub Kolas. Barren Lives sounds intriguing, Twitter. Donna J, Facebook.

Patricia C, Twitter. In eleven stories of varying lengths and topics, Ama Ata Aidoo examines everything from cultural traditions to modern Africa. Both funny and moving, this book made me reflect for weeks on the inexorable march of time. How long did it take you to get round.

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  1. The links sound great. Link Copied. It includes 52 titles from around the globe - along with alternatives for those books you might have already read.

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