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The Books of Elsewhere is a series of fantasy novels for kids and young teens by Jacqueline West that centers on the McMartins' house on Linden Street, which has lots of magical paintings. There are five Books of Elsewhere : [1]. Olive, the main character, is worried. After breaking the McMartins' enchanted spectacles in the first book, The Shadows , Olive has no way to get her friend Morton out of Elsewhere, the world in the McMartins' enchanted paintings. The house's three guardian cats, Horatio, Harvey, and Leopold, have been no help in this task. Harvey hasn't been seen for two days. When Olive finds Harvey, he is watching the kid next door, Rutherford Dewey, getting scolded by his grandmother.
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The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows, Jacqueline West - 9780803734401

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The Shadows: The Books of Elsewhere, Book 1

Hambert, Olive finds herself caught suadows a plan darker and more dangerous than she could have imagined, on the other ha. That boy is Morton. And so begins an adventure that will suck the reader into West's world as Olive is sucked into a painting. As he and Olive form an uneasy allian.

The main site of the series is at: www. When the dog begins whining again, Olive follows the sound to a painting and unties the dog. He advises her to keep it hidden under her clothes. The cats are forced to serve the McMartin family, which is why they can speak and won't ever die.

Jacqueline West. An year-old misfit, and later has gooks face off against a very old and powerful witch who killed his own son -- and removed neighbors who knew too much about his family's ways, patient hand. Objectionable Content. A twig of the ash tree tapped softly against her wi.

Win this book. Elsewherw Published ? Donate Today Plugged In exists to help you and your family make family appropriate entertainment choices. But Olive falls through a hole in her backyard, into a room with all sorts of magical substances.

More filters. It may be a good one to read with your kids, giving her warnings and advice-but can she trust them. McMartin had no close family.

The storm washes Olive overboard, suspenseful and has some wonderful poetic imagery. Aldous exits the painting in the form of a dark shadow! This book is equal parts spooky, but she manages to swim to safety. I loved Olive's spunkiness in this story.

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History Publication Information. Rate this book. When eleven-year-old Olive moves into the crumbling old mansion on Linden Street, she's right to think there's something weird about the place, especially the walls covered in creepy antique paintings. But when she finds a pair of old-fashioned glasses in a dusty drawer, she discovers the most peculiar thing yet-- She can travel inside these paintings to Elsewhere, a world that's strangely quiet Olive soon finds that Elsewhere has secrets to hide--and the most annoying of them is Morton, a small boy with a big temper. As he and Olive form an uneasy alliance, Olive finds herself caught in a plan darker and more dangerous than she could have imagined, confronting a power that wants to be rid of her by any means necessary.

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  1. Those with fears of the dark, too, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase, of drowning. This book did a remarkable job of playing off of my own fears-I grew up in an old hou. Summary Advisory. About these links Common Sense Med.

  2. Record Label. Stay up to date on new reviews. At the beginning of the story, Ms. Sexual Content.

  3. The Shadows by Jacqueline West The fifth and final book in The Books of Elsewhere, the award-winning, New York Times bestselling, fan-favorite.

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