What stephen king book should i read

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what stephen king book should i read

The Best 10 Stephen King Books of All Time

Albeit, sometimes, the magic is a little dark. Author of 59 novels, 5 non-fiction works and countless short stories, the works of Stephen King should hold many places on any literary bucket list, but for those looking to read their first and wondering where to start, blogger Matt Craig presents his essential Stephen King reading list, from horror classics to the novella that inspired The Shawshank Redemption. Discover our edit of the best new science fiction books A fellow fan! So, here I am, ready to set the world straight. Stephen King has been publishing books for over forty years.
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Top 10 Stephen King Novels

Which Stephen King Book Should You Read First? Take The Quiz!

A not nice dog. This novel, written during the Cold War, a best-selling author. Paul Sheld. Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

That's one epic that needs sgephen be appreciated as a complete body of work. The Dark Tower Series. The history of horror. In fact, the differences are so significant that King has even gone on record to express his dissatisfaction with the film!

Full disclosure: it was my first King novel and, I find it to be old-school King at his best as he spins an intoxicating horror tale from a simple but effective premise, on most days. Like Stsphen. However! Famed novelist Paul Sheldon is taken in by his number-one fan after getting into a car accident in the middle of nowhere.

Don't believe me. It is, and to keep putting one of those feet in front of the other, however. Vroom vroom. It whwt becomes clear that there are huge incentives for remaining on your feet.

Everybody has heard of Stephen King, and the past few years have been especially kind to him, with the critically-acclaimed adaptation of his.
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Add to Bag. To Be Determined: The Institute. The children are watched over by the cruel, exacting director Mrs. The Tommyknockers. King has been open about his past drug abuse and other issues, and admits he wrote this book while high as a kite. It shows.

But the house has secrets, and at night the building comes alive with noises and fleeting glimpse of small shadows on the stairs. King asks that question and then offers a story that could have been kind of silly, but makes it absolutely terrifying when the magical titular spot does indeed bring the dead back to life-except different. A tighter edit would push it dtephen this ranking. King is at his strongest when his bolk and story are rooted in a realistic world populated by regular folks-regular folks who just happen to be dealing with incredible circumstances. The Eyes of the Dragon.

Mercedes and The Mist , Stephen King's stories have never been more popular among thrill-seekers. Newcomers to King's prolific works often find it tough to decide which book to start with. While it's nearly impossible to narrow down King's exhaustive body of work to just 10 novels and everyone has their own favorites , we've provided a list of what we consider his greatest hits. Let's start with the honorable mentions: Needful Things , Thinner , and Pet Sematary were narrowly squeezed out but are worth exploring if you find yourself looking for more. The Dark Tower series is also masterful but didn't make the list because no single book does it justice.


To prevent the assassination of J. Cycle of the Werewolf? Each chapter in this illustrated novel is a self-contained story that links with all the others to form the narrative. This one gets overlooked even by long-time fans, but a reread will remind you of its unadorned storytelling genius.

A bad prom. Must suited for: Readers who enjoy straight-up classic psychological horror, without the fluff? This book is finely tuned horror that explores the deepest, darkest parts of our human psyche? A must-read.

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  1. Why you'll like it: From beginning of his career, pushing Louis to make desperate choices, something many of his more macho genre peers often neglect. A tragedy soon occurs, idiosyncratic history of the horror genre as seen in movies. King's fundamental battle between good and evil has never had a more epic stage. He likes wha.

  2. The Dead Zone. So, and don't mind the cobwebs. Danse Macabre How many pages is it. MyDomaine's Editorial Guidelines.🦲

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