Peanut butter patties girl scout cookies recipe

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Homemade Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs)

Homemade Healthy Girl Scout Cookie Tagalongs — they can be vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free and even grain-free! By the end of the night, my little factory had successfully churned out batches of healthy Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs — all whole-grain, gluten-free, vegan, and without the trans fats unfortunately still found in regular girl scout cookies. But the cookies are manufactured by two different companies; if the ones offered in your area are made by Little Brownie Bakers—as are the ones where I live—none of the options are vegan. It makes no sense to me why an institution concerned with bringing up healthy young girls continues to produce and promote cookies containing artery-clogging trans fats when alternative baking methods exist. Even Oreos got rid of trans fats in their cookies. Combine all liquid ingredients except milk of choice if using maple syrup version, and not including peanut butter.
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Girl Scout Cookie Taste Test (Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, Caramel Delights, Lemonades)

These rich and creamy cookies taste just like one of our all-time favorite Girl Scout concoctions, Tagalongs®.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Patties

Rate it:. Back to School. Then, this morning I pop on here to discover that you recreated my guilty little treat of last night. I too believe the Girl Scouts gir a good organization for the most part and agree with your view regarding moral behavior.

Press crumbs onto bottom and up sides of an ungreased 9-inch pie plate. Melt the chocolate very carefully and slowly, but are your nutritional info boxes based on the sugar or stevia versions?, then spread chocolate over the cookie tops or use two spoons to dip the cookies. Patgies am probably missing something very obvious. Set in the refrigerator while making the cookies.

Let cool another 10 minutes before even attempting to remove cookies from the sheet. Since it's currently winter, my kitchen has been cool enough lately to store them at room temperature without them melting. I figured. Thanks for trying the recipe.

Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. Executive Team. These look delicious. Cool slightly; freeze while processing ice cream.

Tagalongs Cookie Bars

Grab a box—or two, three, or more! You can make your very own Girl Scout Cookie—inspired masterpiece to share with friends and family. Amazingly delicious! Congrats on a job deliciously well done! Line a greased 15xin. Microwave butter until melted; whisk in brown sugar.


Grind up Nilla Wafers patgies a food processor, then add them to a bowl with melted butter and granulated sugar. Coating about 8 oz. They were so easy and such a huge hit with my family. I love chocolate and peanut butter.

I made these yesterday and grudgingly shared with some coworkers today! Maybe rdcipe my list to make today. Beat in eggs and yolks just until combined. Find a Council.

Great recipe. Most Recent Posts! I love them so much. I made these for a co-worker for her Birthday.

To prepare the dark chocolate coating, simply melt together the dark chocolate chips and coconut oil or butter in a double boiler. XOXO San. I must add these to my growing number of peanut butter and chocolate recipes. As a kid, I savored each and every Peanut Butter Patty cookie from that familiar red b.

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  1. Homemade Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties) You'd think that come girl scout cookie season, there is not much you can do to Print Recipe.

  2. Just to see what happens. I am overindulging left and right on peanut butter and chocolate lately so when I saw this recipe I immediately had to make it! Safe to assume you had some cookies on hand for awhile…then again, with PB cookies. The kids will be thrilled.👨‍👩‍👦

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