The great british wedding cake recipes

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the great british wedding cake recipes

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From the day Tim and I got engaged in June , I had people ask if I was going to make my own wedding cake. It was something I thought about and looked at the pros and cons on both sides. On the other hand, did I need the stress? I had come to the decision that yes, yes I did. I thought it would be something really lovely and personal to do, considering we wanted to DIY a lot of the decorations together. Originally, we had thought about getting married in this country and having the classic British wedding we all know and love. So, we took the plunge and contacted my good friend Lesley who arranges all of our holidays and specialises in Destination Weddings.
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Mary Berry's Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood explore the history of the Great British wedding cake. Recipe, method and instructions can be found here.

The Great British Wedding Cake BBC2

Place a wide strip of brown paper around the outside of the cake tin and tie with string. It is sweet, making sure the paper is at least an inch higher than the height of the tin. Grease and line a deep 6inch cake tin with two layers of greaseproof paper, strong and slightly bitter. Reecipes you tried the St Germain elderflower liquor!

Scrumptiously filled with chocolate custard, tiers of pound cake are elaborately trimmed with flower blooms of royal i. Happy memories of the years I spent using that cookbook. What kind of savages would serve a fruitcake as the main wedding cake. My gosh that was exactly rwcipes Mothers recipe for fruitcake right down to wrapping the thing in cloth and soaking in Liquor.

I always bake her a cake on her birthday and it's a running joke that no briitish how much she asks I'm never making her one. Quick recipe finder. It calls for Madeira or Sherry? Fold through the remaining ingredients!

Cut the rod and three others to the same length. Made of artificial rubber, these faux confections are iced with wax -- and even feature a slot for the bride and groom to insert a knife. Many of my friends make a batch prior to Christmas and start "feeding" it in November. Print recipe.

So the tradition evolved into eating dried fruits and nuts. After 6 weeks, the cake is sufficiently moist and deliciously rummy. So these cakes were 1 and a half their original size? Oh this brought back some good memories.

Oh this brought back some good memories. I have a good friend who is obsessed with red velvet. Emma, buttercream can be made ages in advance too! Like the weddibg, you made me laugh out loud.

Great Britain: A fanciful fruitcake takes center stage at British weddings. Usually the cake is made with cognac-soaked dates, prunes, raisins, currants, and orange peel, to create a very moist cake. Popular frostings include marzipan, brandy butter, or fondant.
danni rose red velvet pound cake recipe

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How to Make the Royal Wedding Cake

Pour into the prepared tin and bake for minutes, or until golden-brown and cooked through. Any use of artificial coloring on a cake is considered a major faux pas. It wasn't as dense as some. The Royal family in contrast are completely normal I've always been curious why fruit cake has such a bad rep in the US.

Not a very culturally sensitive post. Fruitcake is a traditional wedding cake not only in Britain, but in some of the other Commonwealth countries as well. The use of other types of cake as a base has only come into vogue relatively recently. PS- a properly made, and aged, fruitcake can taste wonderful, unlike the bricks that pass for fruitcake in the States. And then we keep the top layer potentially for a couple of year hack the icing off, redecorate it and serve it as a christening cake for the first born child.


Frank: By all means keep your offending fruitcake out of sight in a closet, preferably wrapped. Cut the rod and three others to the same length. I grew up in the South where the brick fruitcake was a staple during the holidays. So these cakes were 1 and a half their original size.

Not soggy, dry and hard is a more apt description. Search the site. With the right amount of practice, planning. Shopping list.

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  1. Frank: By all means keep your offending fruitcake out of sight in a closet, preferably wrapped. Bermuda: In Bermuda, it's common to have a small cedar sapling top off a wedding cakes. Is Italian Panettone part of the fruitcake family. Add to favourites.

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