Low fat high protein granola recipe

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“3 Minute” High Protein Granola Bars

Crunchy, chewy, nutty, and sweet. My bad. In other words, granola…. Almond Butter Protein Granola , to be more exact. Just crunchy enough. When I want something crunchy, it has to be the right kind of crunchy; when I want something chewy, it has to be the right kind of chewy — catch my drift?
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Crunchy, chewy, high protein granola with all the flavor of your favorite food combination: banana and peanut butter!

Healthy Low Calorie Granola Recipe (Low Carb, Oil-Free, V, GF, Refined Sugar-Free, DF)

Maybe try and make your own almond butter. I would love to make this. I totally get you with the textures thing. Want to get FREE products for review and make money as a blogger.

Please know that this question is not meant to be judgmental in any way. Was really really good. I also added the dried cherries after the mixture came out of oven and got cold. Just was wondering.

Healthy Homemade Granola Recipes & Healthy Snacks

And granola was most definitely considered health food. In fact, although most granola has tons of great things for you in it, it also often has plenty of sugar. It was one of the very few things that I made selfishly, and I loved it as much for its crunchy, sweet, nubby taste and texture as I did for the fact that it was mine, alllll mine. But I knew there had to be a way to make it, well, lighter and with more protein and still have it taste great. I love oats and serve certified gluten free oats all the time to my gluten free family. But baking with crisp rice cereal can be tricky. If you add something hot to it, it tends to taste stale, which I have discovered when making rice krispie treats with homemade marshmallows.

Elizabeth Rider April 5th, thank you for this recipe, not silly at all. I will make more in the recips days. Let us know how the project with your students turns out. I like how simple and easy this is to make? Yield: bars.

We change up the classic oat and nut combo with coconut flakes and starchy buckwheat groats. Look for pale-green groats; the toasted, dark-brown buckwheat can have a bitter flavor. The best way to cook steel-cut oats during the week? Don't cook them at all. Soak the oats overnight in your milk of choice: The oats will soften and plump in the liquid but remain slightly chewy. Enjoy cold, or heat in the microwave for 30 seconds.


By law, and it was soooo easy despite slightly burning it. I just made homemade granola pumpkin spice, I prefer organic grade-b maple syrup or raw organic honey, all pure maple syrup must be at least 66 brix. To sweeten. You must either purchase it on line or seek for it at a Health food store.

Seriously missing making our own granola lately. Read the comments section, in fact. Sandra Rowland? Must try your high volume solution.

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  1. Home» Breakfast Recipes» High Protein Healthy Granola Pumpkin seeds and flax seed meal add even more healthy fats and omega 3's.

  2. This high protein low sugar granola recipe is specifically formulated to a granola recipe, but it adds a touch of healthy fats, while not adding.

  3. I would love to see it. Some of our favorite combinations include crystallized ginger and toasted coconut, and fresh lavender and dried apricots. This looks so so tasty. But vega can be found at whole foods or at myvega?

  4. In less time than it takes to read this post, you can have a batch of your own delicious and homemade protein granola bars fully prepared and ready to eat. Only a few ingredients are needed, all of which can be found in regular grocery stores — and you can avoid the unhealthy processed filler ingredients and isolated soy protein so often added to packaged protein bars. 😤

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