Ninja blender chocolate chip cookie recipe

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ninja blender chocolate chip cookie recipe

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Nutri Ninja® 2-in-1: How to Make the Perfect Ball of Dough

Place the Dough Blade into the Jar, then add egg, sugars, butter, and vanilla.

Cookie Dough Milkshake + Ninja Mega Kitchen System GIVEAWAY!

Get Ratings on the go and compare while you shop. And then I want this milkshake. I got mad and threw my 25 year old blender in the garbage last month! My cookie dough literally came together in seconds with just a push of the Dough button.

I would definitely make a gazpacho, hummus? I hope I win. I glance at my tea kettle cold on the counter and snap the lid onto the container of peanut buttery bites. That handsome hunk can live at my house forever - but he will work hard for his keep.

Looks so good! When you are out of brown sugar of trying to reduce reccipe sugar Looking for a new protein-packed snack or dessert. Looks so good.

I would use it to start a food blog so that I could open up a shop. But next would be a strawberry banana smoothie. I make a nutella Frappaccino. My blender is super sucky.

I would make TONS of smoothies. This cookie dough milkshake would be first on my list of things to make. Just hang on a while the blender finishes. No blender - thing burned out.

Cookle wooed him with the prospect of new technology. I always look forward to your posts. I could be all over making some smoothies an milkshakes. And soups!.

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Food choppers are handy for small food-prep tasks, like dicing vegetables, chopping nuts, and grating chunks of cheese. When it comes to kneading dough, however, we generally think of stand mixers or full-sized food processors. That solved the space issue, but the dough ended up dry and crumbly, more like shortbread dough than the moist, buttery texture that yields chewy chocolate chip cookies. Upon closer inspection, we noticed small globs of butter that had not properly creamed with the sugar. The cookies that came out of the oven were also inconsistent—some dome-shaped and puffy, others flat and dense.

Yes - me needs me some of this… And maybe some for my children too. Ninja Blender Recipes posts. Let me just start off by saying every recipe you post is right up my alley!!. Thank you so much for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway. When Cookkie found that book, I also came across the book on ice cream and other frozen goodies?

Gluten free and dairy free if using dairy-free chips. Unbelievable cookie for under calories each and made with whole wheat! You won't believe how good these are!!! Submitted by: DMRN Adapted from ChocolateCoveredKatie. Makes 8 servings at 4 points each, but servings should be large!


My sister has this Ninja set, and loves it!. I need a ninja so I can join in on the fun. Your recipes rock. I would make smoothies and shakes forever.

In the span of just a few seconds, he makes me laugh and melts my heart. Tea time will have to wait. I desperately want to try this. Upon closer inspection, we noticed small globs of butter cchocolate had not properly creamed with the sugar.

However, after setting the tower of blades into the blender I was shooed away from further interaction with the blender. These blenders looked amazing in Austin!!! Like the best milkshake ever. I would make this first.

But, I would like to make ice cream in it first. So smoothies is what I would make. I would LOVE this blender. I would totally use it for the cookie dough function.

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  1. Let me just start off by saying every recipe you post is right up my alley!!. I have the oldest, most worthless blender on the planet! Need further assistance. Close Close My Basket 0 No products in the basket.👨‍🏫

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