Gulab jamun mix cake recipe

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gulab jamun mix cake recipe

Eggless Vanilla Cake using Gulab Jamun Mix

March 8, A decadent Indian dessert or to say Indian sweets inspired cake; this Gulab Jamun Cake is literally going to sweep you off your feet. Completely Egg-Free this moist, sweet, light and fluffy fusion Gulab Jamun Cake is what you need to make any occasion special. That is because I baked this cake for my daughter who turned 3 last week. It is truly said with kids days are longer and years are shorter.
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Published 20.02.2020

Eggless Gulabjamun Cake / Cake With Gulab Jamun Mix/ Step By Step Recipe - By Food Connection

Eggless Gulab Jamun Cake is a scrumptious cake with the flavors of gulab jamun a deep-fried milk-based Indian sweet or dessert soaked in sugar syrup but without the extra sugar, fat or guilt of eating something tasty but high in calories!!!

Gulab Jamun Cake From Scratch Recipe

Newer Post Older Post Home. While browsing through one such group, I happened to come jamnu this recipe mentioning gulab jamun and cake in the same dish!!. Filling and Frosting. An obsessive baker that I am, it intrigued me to no end that an exotic sweet like gulab jamun can metamorphose itself into a cake using whole wheat flour and eggless to boot!.

Hi Sushma Can you share some Vegan cake Recepie with icing. Whisk it well until sugar dissolves? Servings: 8. Thanks in advance.

Fold the cake mixture in one direction? Yield: One 8x8 inch pan. Mix nuts [sprinkle some flour over these nuts before adding them to batter]! This recipe by Anjana Rao is the perfect one to try at home for your family.

You can follow any cake base recipe using Eggs that you like and proceed with the recipe. Regards Sushma. In a wide bowl, powdered.

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Gulab Jamun Cake Recipe -- Simple Cake Without Oven -- Eggless Jamun Cake -- Cooker Cake Recipe--

Chennai weather has been very pleasant since past two days and schools have been given holidays fearing some heavy rains. So, my Neha is at home and the weather is too good to bake and try new stuffs. I am a bit hesitant to make bread dough, fearing some power failure. Cakes are a safer option because I know to bake it in a pressure cooker or kadhai even if the power goes off. Last year I had baked a similar cake with store bought gulab jamun mix and whole wheat flour. I have made it very mildly sweet. You can increase the amount of sugar if you like.


Feel free to use any of your favourite cake recipes or check out this simple e ggless vanilla cake recipe made without condensed milk that eecipe perfect for beginners. Thanks for understanding. So, my Neha is at home and the weather is too good to bake and try new stuffs. Lubna is a very helpful and sweet friend of mine.

Anonymous users,please avoid spamming my inbox with your ads. Yes you can fill n frost it with cream n jaamun? Mawa cakes are cardamom infused soft and buttery cakes sold in Irani cafes or bakeries. Hi Pratibha.

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  1. Cook Time. Soak the cake with the sugar syrup that came along with the gulab jamuns. This is an amazing recipe. You can follow any cake base recipe using Eggs that you like and proceed with the recipe?

  2. You must try this. Sure, you can do that. Divide the batter evenly between three 6 inch pans that have been greased with butter and lined with parchment paper. I am emotional attached to my blog and building it everyday sincerely to gift my daughter one day.

  3. Cake with Gulab jamun mix - Sakas Aahaar | Cake recipes, Gulab jamun, Dessert recipes

  4. Yes you can very well add maida… That will be softer than wheat flour…. Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts with us Sudha. Prep Time. Also the measurements will vary depending upon what size cake you are making.🥶

  5. Gulab Jamun Mix Eggless Mawa Cake (Presure Cooker Method) recipe by Anjana Rao at BetterButter

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