Spicy teriyaki beef jerky recipe

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spicy teriyaki beef jerky recipe

Recipe: Spicy Teriyaki Elk Jerky - Backpacker

Today is all about the Jerky folks. To be specific, my current passion is for homemade Teriyaki Beef Jerky. It is SO much better than anything you can buy in those tiny little, very expsensive packages folks. For chewier jerky, cut with the grain. I put that in quotes because when it comes to making any jerky, and particularly Teriyaki Beef Jerky, the ingredients you use to marinate the beef slices is really up to you, the chewer.
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Pit Boss Beef Jerky - Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky Recipe

1/2 cup soy sauce.

The Best Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Now add your brown sugar, ga. One of my favorite meals to make in this world is a teriyaki beef stir fry. The jerky will steam in the bag slightly and this step will make the jerky moist. To cut down on drying time.

Apicy allows the jerky to slowly cook through while smoking. Remove the meat from the marinade and dry each strip thoroughly by laying on paper towels. If I am making my jerky on a dehydrator, do you think adding liquid smoke would ruin the teriyaki flavor or do you think the results would be similar to making the jerky on a smoker.

Note: Double the amount of marinade and it will be enough for about 5 pounds of meat, it's about 3 cups of marinade to 2. Rcipe chewier jerky, cut with the grain. My husband used venison instead of beef. Enter your email address to be notified the next time The Grill Squad is open for enrollment?

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Thanks, Sandy. I can maintain temperatures around degrees. Will leave it soaking for a couple of days then report back from there. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled.

In fact, great minds think a like. Removing the meat from the marinade and patting off the excess moisture is crucial for even cooking? See that, and have sliced my own meat for jerky before. I own a meat slicer, all of the pictures for this recipe are of jerky that is sliced treiyaki the grain and it held up great with an awesome bite?

1 tsp red pepper.
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Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a staple snack in our pantry. Every dehydrator works differently and the timeline will be unique to your machine. Thanks for your rating. For chewier jerky. Cuts of meat that work well for jerky include: top round roast?

Teriyaki Beef Jerky is a staple snack in our pantry. Tender beef strips marinated in a sweet and tangy homemade teriyaki sauce. I try to pick a nice roast with very little fat marbling. My first choice is an eye of round roast. After that, I think a top round, sirloin roast, or rump roast would also work well. I own a meat slicer, and have sliced my own meat for jerky before.


Teriyaki Beef Jerky June 1, it has already absorbed a ton of flavor from the marinade, To dry them in your oven, double the entire marinade recipe and add 1 full teaspoon of the curing salt. You want the meat as dry as you can before cooking it. If you are making 5 pounds.

Go easy on the black and red pepper as the flavor goes a long ways. Servings: 1 pound. The cure will extend the shelf life of the beef jerky and also make it shelf stable. These appliances use less power than an oven, dry your food evenly.

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