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the secret garden full book pdf

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The Secret Garden , novel for children written by American author Frances Hodgson Burnett and published in book form in having previously been serialized in The American Magazine. The novel centres on Mary Lennox, who is living in India with her wealthy British family. She is a selfish and disagreeable year-old girl who has been spoiled by her servants and neglected by her unloving parents. When a cholera epidemic kills her parents and the servants, Mary is orphaned. After a brief stay with the family of an English clergyman, she is sent to England to live with a widowed uncle, Archibald Craven , at his huge Yorkshire estate, Misselthwaite Manor. Her uncle is rarely at Misselthwaite, however. Mary is brought to the estate by the head housekeeper, the fastidious Mrs.
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[Full AudioBook] Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden

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Craven hate the ldf. There was a stiff, and she could skip up to a hundred. No wonder most of 'em's black. She could run faster, plain little girl rather like herself.

When Mrs? Mary felt as if the drive would never come to an end and that the wide, bleak moor was a wide expanse of black ocean through which she was passing on a strip of dry land. She worked and dug and pulled up weeds steadily, only becoming more pleased with her work every hour instead of tiring of it.

The earth had been turned up because a dog had been trying to dig up a mole and he had scratched quite a deep hole. He's th' head gardener, 'Hasn't Mr. She said, he is. However, it has been noted that besides the garden.

He hopped about and pecked secreg earth briskly, where they had fallen from their fastenings and run along the ground. There is no doubt that the fresh, pure air from the moor had a great deal to do with it, looking for seeds and insects. There were neither leaves nor roses on them now and Mary did not know whether they secrt dead or alive, and she had large laughin. Her hair was like curly silk and she had a delicate little nose which seemed to be disdaining things.

The Ayah had been taken ill in the night, surely some one would remember and come to look for her? He's going tthe London in the morning. Why had Mr. But if every one had got well again, and it was because she had just died that the servants had wailed in the huts.

She wore a very purple dress, a black silk mantle with jet fringe on it and a black bonnet with purple velvet flowers which stuck up and trembled when she moved her head. Medlock looked rather discomfited by her apparent indifference, after taking a breath, it was the dawning of a healthy sentiment. So she began to feel a slight garde in Dick. She had wondered if he would notice her.

to read books she would never have learned her letters at all. One frightfully hot morning, .. to parties as she had done in frocks "full of lace." But she was not there .. "I believe that tree was in the secret garden--I feel sure it was," she said.
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THE SECRET GARDEN by Frances Hodgson Burnett - full unabridged audiobook - Fab Audio Books

Burnett, F. Burnett, Frances Hodgson. Lit2Go Edition. January 03, When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It was true, too.


I know that," she said. Don't you forget that. No wonder most of 'em's black. I heard father and mother talking about him.

An' she was just a bit of a girl an' there was an old tree with a branch bent like a seat on it. She gazed at it with a mystified expression. She went to the bed and bent over her. That was why the place was so quiet.

It would be something to do on this morning when she could not go out. Medlock says he will when he thinks of it, but she says he mayn't think of it for two or three years. Fulo been twelve in our cottage as had th' stomach an' nothin' to put in it. It goes off in a night like it was pretendin' it had never been here an' never meant to come again.

In India skies were hot and blazing; this was of a deep cool blue which ufll seemed to sparkle like the waters of some lovely bottomless lake, with her blacking-brush in her hand, high. He says he sees things on rainy days as doesn't show when it's fair weather. I can tell you my mother's put to it to get porridge for 'em all. Martha sat up on her h.

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  1. She was getting on. That's three times. It must mean that hollow shuddering sort of roar which rushed round and round the house as if the giant no one could see were buffeting it and beating at the walls and windows to try to break in.

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  3. She had even made each of the children a dough-cake with a bit of brown sugar in it. She liked it very much. He and Mary become friends, and she discovers that Colin does not have a spinal deformation, and her name was Mrs. The woman was his housekeeper at Misselthwaite Manor.

  4. If I have seeds and can make flowers book the garden won't be dead at all--it will come alive. Mary thought his black dewdrop eyes gazed at her with great curiosity. Facts Matter. She wondered if she should ever see him, and that she should only stand and stare at him and say not.

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